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Hi Everyone, I am in need of help to remember the title of this old Thai drama which aired around year 2005 below.

What I remember about the drama was that the drama is about a reincarnation of BOTH the leads. There was a scene (from the past life probably) where BOTH or either One of Them were handcuffed/ tied up in the water. 

I can't remember much but Please do let me know which ever thai drama that has this kind of scene.

tae pang korn is from 2005 and it deals mainly with reincarnation. There is a new version, however, from 2017.
It's not what I'm searching for... Thank You anw
Are you sure it isn't amnesia and not reincarnation
I found one from 2005 that might be it. 
Nang Barb - http://mydramalist.com/13656-nang-barb
and if that's not it Jam Loey Rak has scenes in the water. It's not about recantation but..
I hope that helps. 

Im sure that it's reincarnation because of the traditional and modern clothes... 

still not the one that I'm looking for. Thank you anw~