I saw these mindblowing dramas and i want more suggestions please:

-project s the series: sos

- the judgement

- girl from nowhere

- the gifted

I m not a fan of historical, comedy or romance genre but if  it is as good as the dramas i mentioned i can give it a try. Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.

Does it have to be Thai?

Have you watched Hormones and Hormones 2. They are very similar to the ones you listed which are set in school and deal with teen issues.  Room Alone: The Series  is another similar to those you have listed


Does it have to be Thai?

No. I just recently started to watch thai dramas n they r great, but if u have non thai u can tell me.

Korean dramas are my favorite. “Healer” is a really good action/bad guy turns good/romance drama. The romance is a good balance, even if you’re not a fan of romance. Another good one is the supernatural/action/mystery drama “Let’s  fight ghost (aka Bring it on ghost)”.  If you like crime solving dramas you could also try the Chinese “Medical Examiner Dr. Qin”.

Sotus: The Series about the sotus / hazing system in university.  About Arthit , third year student and the leader of the hazing team, he is very strict and harsh towards the juniors. Kongpob, first year student who is the only one who is not afraid to go against him, they start out as rivals... 

Its a gay drama btw, its super good in my opinion :) it has romance but there is more to it than just that.. its also about friendship, unity, loyalty, spirit etc.