i strictly/particularly want recommendation of new dramas collection on ending or starting in 2019

i love spoiler so don't hesitate to mention anything 

thank in advanced

Starting in 2018 but ending now:

Encounter - slow-paced, cliche romance, amazing characters, views, music, no sudden turn of action, good to watch one ep daily with blanket and hot tea, no recommendation for binge-watching

The Last Empress - crazy, funny, emotional, sad... all kind of emotions while watching it, wish it never end

The Crowned Clown - high possibility to be my best watched drama (I'm quit experienced - look at my list), every ep end with my mouth full-opened and I have to remind myself to keep breathing at moments, just - wow...

Kingdom - if you like zombies, well made, good actors, but plot not-too-good written, it's like all first season (6 eps) was just introduction to second one, there is no main clue with starting and ending, but a lot of started plots just to be continued in the future. I recommend to watch it when the 2nd season will come out 

I didn't watch it but heard to be good so I have it on my PTW list:

My Strange Hero
Fates & Furies
Clean with Passion for now
A pledge to God

In February there are few dramas I keep an eye on:

Romance is a bonus book
Touch your heart
Big Issue
Fiery Priest
I love when I'm sad

I didn't start any C-dramas but there are a few highly recommended:

The story of Ming Lan - main leads are married in real life (may be interesting :) )
I will never let you go
The legend of Hao Lan
The Legends

And about thai lakorns I'm waiting for:

Nuay Lub Salub Love
Nang Rai
Thong Ek Mor Yah Tah Chaloang

I don't like japanese drama so I can't say anything about them.

Hope I helped. Good luck :)

Did you only want Thai dramas?


Did you only want Thai dramas?

i love to watch anything which suit my mood and save my time 

drama must be short and not irritating/ boring  



nowadays i'm busy when i get time i'll look for your recommendation thanks

Already completed dramas

  • Clean with a Passion 
  • My Strange Hero 
  • Kingdom


  • Story You Read When You Find Your First Love 
  • I Will Never Let You Go 
  • Top Star Yoo Baek 
  • Babel
The story of Ming Lan - main leads are married in real life (may be interesting :) )

watched it and really mesmerized by the couple chemistry your info work it make me to give one shot  but   if there is no scope of such concept even real couple can't do anything   so get along with till the end cause of really great  presented the story of  a couple whom past are painful and between this circumstances how they able to grow and grow  without affecting from it 


anyone know such more dramas   recently done

Other new dramas from 2019 that I am enjoying 

  • He is Psychometric 
  • Fiery Priest
  • ITEM 
  • I Hate You Juliet


  • Class 3A From Now on You Are My Hostage  (completed)
  • Innocence: Fight Against False Charges