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whole chiyun family
Chang Le 
Madam Li
Prince of Dongping
and that crossdressing princess >:(
Chang Le used to be the most irritating, but now that I think of it, Chang Ru is freaking ._. annoying. 
Ep.37 and I still find Chang Le and the Wei Princess most annoying. +Min De was also a bit annoying even if he meant well.
I freaking hate Chang Ru! Chang Le is annoying too but at least she grew some balls at the end. Still despicable though.
Chang Le and Chang Ru for sure!
now this Rouran guy is too annoying -_- the one who should be a servant of Min De as he is the Rouran  prince now but he never obeys and is just an ass.

can I mention my fav character here? It's the emperor. He is so nice as an emperor srsly, he mostly treats Weiyoung as his own daughter

The entire Chiyun family were legit trash, Chang Ru was also pretty trash.