I was gonna just comment but I have too much to say so I decided to just start a discussion to see if anyone wants to rant with me

okay SO. First episode: what'd y'all think? Because I...absolutely...LOVED IT. Like omg it was such a good first episode. It introduced everything so well and got your attention right off. I already wanna give it a 10/10.

I wasn't sure if I would like the plot of a reincarnated lovers drama at first but now I'm thinking it is top tier romance. Like the flashbacks? So romantic *cries*

Also.. Love By Chance fans.. anyone else like actually scream when they showed Mean? I love him so much I'm so happy to see him in this. They haven't shown Plan yet but I swear if they don't play a couple I'm gonna be so upset. ALSO when Manow sang? I literally recognized it as part of the LBC soundtrack when all she sang was the "na na na na na" I'm such trash 

So far I am loving all the characters. I especially love the friend dynamic of Pharm, Team, and Manow. I'm also loving the two ships they've shown so far. Pharm/Dean is gonna be so romantic but it will probs be Team Team/Win for the Win (lol) because I'm trash for the secondary ships. Also: I have officially adopted Team as my baby boy he's so cute

Okay I'm done ranting haha. What did you guys think? 

I love it. I screamed when I saw Mean too. I’m loving it. I want to soundtrack. 

Just watched it and when I say I love it I love it definitely good cast and the story definitely draws you in from the start. I’m totally interested in the second ship. I can’t wait to get all the romantic feels from this series. Also you know it’s going to be a good series if the queen of BL her self is in it lol ( Manow )

I agree with you Maniki

I love love love it. Mean is a guest actor, which is appealing and all, but really........ I actually have to hold it in till Nov. 30th to see episode2??

Oh my life????????????????????

I don’t think so