How has Suzy been in Vagabond till now? Is her character to be blamed or her acting skills?

Till now she has been great as far as acting is considered . People can have some issues with her character but in my opinion her character is a rookie NIS agent which justifies all her clumsiness and mistakes that she has committed in the drama so far and I think those crying for strong female lead, should understand that Lee-Seung Gi's character is the central to the theme and thats why most high octane action is on his shoulders and not hers so they should stop complaining and watch out for the upcoming plot in the Kdrama.

Suzy's acting is ok. The way character is written is not. And no, not all female leads needs to be strong, but she's neither strong nor weak, she's... nothing. She's a tool for screen writer for whatever needs to happen next. It's inconsistent how she's portrayed. When we meet her, she's shown as this clever, quick thinking agent that improvises well, but we never see that side again. But well, almost every character in drama is written poorly so far, so there's no fault on Suzy's part. 

It's only 4 episodes so it might still improve, but on the other side - it's already 1/4th of it's runtime.

I think Suzy is doing a good job all round. I like how we see in eps 5 & 6 the way she portrays the mounting pressure on Go Hae Ri. Imagine yourself in the same situation - a junior agent that comes to realise that those above her are not only fallible, but tainted or even corrupt. Then she finds herself faced with having to shoot to kill. There have even been quite a few scenes now where I find myself saying that’s not typically Suzy :)

I agree with you. I feel her acting has improved tremendously as she is able to pull off many difficult scenes. She has moved away from the role of trying to act cute and in a role that actually requires a lot of effort and action. She will need to portray a wider palette of emotions and I can't wait to see her in the action scenes.

She did good job. Imo I love Go haeri character a lot more than Dalgun. Her character is more interesting. I watched press con on..erm maybe 16 Sep? and they said they will focus on her more on second-half of the drama. I'm not sure but I'm soo excited and looking forward to Haeri story!

Her acting is fine,  Seung gi is far better tho.  He gets me tearing up in ever one of his emotional scenes. Agree that fault are more with script for her, but nothing that bad to prevent fr watching IMO.


How has Suzy been in Vagabond till now? Is her character to be blamed or her acting skills?

its neither her character nor her acting fault the screenplay given to her not match with her character so its basically writer mistake which head is not clear who give her that shit script/screenplay which is contrary to her character as nis agent

I'm going to go against the grain and say that Suzy's acting has not been impressive.   There are so many very, very good  Korean actresses and whether in it's the script or direction, the subtle portrayal nuances for her character are missing.  

just gonna copy my comment from the original page onto here:

I've seen a lot of people coming after suzy's acting and I just wanna ask those people, if they truly mean what they're saying or they're just trying to find some reason to hate on her because she's suzy. her acting is fine. not exceptional ofc but it's not bad at all... or bad enough for so many people to be commenting on to the extent where they're dropping the drama because of her acting.

this is actually her best performance, compared to her other dramas. I agree, there's some lack of intensity or seriousness in some scenes of her acting, and she doesn't have much body expression but hey. her character is mostly supposed to depict a quick, capable, funny, and warm character. so all her scenes arent only intense scenes where she needs show much intense body expression, so it's fine. just gotta bare with it for a few mins of not-so-great acting and that's it. and also, it's not like all the dramas we watch all have top-notch actors/actresses. plus she's doing the comedy part REALLY well, like she suits the humor aspect. one of the best actresses when it comes to humor. she's also very fast, she doesn't take 100 years to move which I like. she's like.. always on the run lmao.

so basically, her acting is good enough for her role as haeri. you'll see what I mean as you watch more than just one episode. she's one of the BEST female leads out there. not bitchy at all, very sweet, funny, totally productive, and not a damsel in distress. she doesn't need to be defended by someone else, because she does most of the defending for not only herself but for the other leads, whether it be male or female. she's truly amazing, and this is coming from someone who wasn't even a fan of Suzy until this drama aired. 

*let me add one more thing:*

I see people also saying other actresses can play this role better, um I dont think so. I dont think anyone will suit her overall character better than how suzy is doing it. most actresses excel in their respective genres while suzy is owning this genre and character really well.

I think her acting was great. Some of her reactions were kind of delayed in the first few eps but her acting only got better through time.

Frankly hope she gets to work in a team that demands more from her as an actress as she matures since she's still young she doesn't seem to have depth required to understand her role. To me she's acting with her rest face. Take scene where she realised she was shot. She seemed genuinely lost not knowing what or how to express which is odd bc there is a director as many veterans. Lsg could be kidding bts much but gets immersed into the role, every scene seemed great and convincing. To the extent that it becomes a stark contrast to Suzy's cluelessness . Of coz I mean no ill, but don't see why script and her character is blamed in some comments. The role is that of a heroine.. no doubt a rookie but she is also a person, but she is portraying with same awkwardness and unreliability like she's one dimensional throughout. As matters got worse and their lives were at stake, even a rookie is supposed to grow and become wary in the process and that's not even a stretch. Sadly she seem unscathed. More thoughts need to be put in frankly, a team that could help her immerse into her role next time perhaps.