I'm literally a lesbian why do I love men so much. This is a list of all the actors I like, mostly just Thai boys though bc I have many whomst I adore. There's no particular order I just add them as I find them.

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  • Caesar Wu


    I love him. Like so much. I discovered him through Meteor Garden and just fell in love. He's like actually perfect. The only exception to my lesbianism 

  • Darren Chen


    Surprise! I love him too. Also found from Meteor Garden. He's just so. freaking. cute. I don't have words.

  • Fukuhara Haruka


    Guess what? Her? I love her. She's so cute and pretty and I want to marry her. Can I please marry her? Loved her in Good Morning Call. Have I mentioned how cute she is?

  • Krist Perawat Sangpotirat


    Take a heckin guess. He's probably my fave actor. He's just so talented. I loved him in Sotus (who doesn't love a Tsundere?) and later in Puppy Honey and Love Beyond frontier. He can play any role and he acts so well you forget his characters are played by the same guy. He's super cute, has a great smile, fantastic at emotional acting, and does cute sound effects when he does stuff. I truly adore him.

  • Singto Prachaya Ruangroj


    He's such a good boy jesus christ. Loved him in Sotus and He's coming to me. He was so good in both roles. He's such a good actor and I love his personality. (He's just so cute bc he'll get scared cooking with hot oil but will have a blast doing scary flying activities) He's just so good.

  • Choi Min Ho

    South Korean

    Come back home safe <3 Loved him in Hwarang (had no idea he was a kpop star til I looked him up) Talented at acting, singing, and dancing. Truly a triple threat. He's really sweet and I love how calm he can be. 

  • Perth Tanapon Sukhumpantanasan


    Loved him in love by chance. He's such a cutie ughh. Good singer too <3 He's such a good actor ugh. He's in a band called "tempt" you should check them out. Like, he's so young but he's already so talented. His acting is out of this world. Like Love By chance was such a masterpiece and a lot of that was because he just played his role SO well. He's amazing.

  • Song Min Ho

    South Korean

    A good boyo. Love his music esp Fiancé. His music got me into K-rap/hip hop. Also I loved his acting in "k-pop ultimate survival" I wish he would do more acting. He's a member of the band Winner. I don't stan them yet but I'm sure I will someday.

  • L

    South Korean

    Very pretty. We have the same birthday uwu. I found him through "one more time" and really enjoyed his acting.

  • Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat


    He's so goddamn cute and I adore him. He's at least top five of my fave actors. He's like actually such a good actor. He can play lots of different roles, and he even has a nice singing voice. I especially loved his acting in Theory of love. I think that's his best work, honestly. His acting was just so good he had me crying so much because he's just so genuine. Although omg I have to point out his acting in The Gifted too because it was sooo good. He's so amazing. Also he's adorable in real life and I love him so much. He's so pretty and cute and I can't take it.

  • New Thitipoom Techaapaikhun


    Also one of my top five. Another who's acting is superb. He can also handle any role. I've seen him play lots of stuff but he'll always be Kao from Kiss me again to me. But I also really liked him as Win in Love Beyond Frontier. However, I first saw him as M in Sotus. Like I said, he can do any role. I love his real life personality (which is a lot like Kao lol) I love watching him on TayNew meal date and my life goal is to hug him just once in my lifetime

  • Tay Tawan Vihokratana


    I love Tay so much. I especially loved him as Pete from Kiss me again. He's so talented and I love watching him act. He also has a great personality in real life, and I love his laugh. 

  • White Nawat Phumphothingam


    He's just so cute?? and such a good actor. I've loved him in everything I've seen him in. I first saw him as Phun in Love Sick, and since then I've seen him in Waterboyy, Theory Of love, etc. I love all the characters he plays and he plays them so so well. He's SO good at acting. His characters are always entirely different in personality. He's so good I almost forgot he's the same guy that plays Phun and Two. They act so different I hardly can tell it's the same guy. Plus, he's so adorable. Like- have you seen him?

  • Off Jumpol Adulkittiporn


    Another of my many loves. He did a great job in Theory of Love. His acting is so good to the point I wanted to hit him. I love him so much though. I first saw him as a minor character in Sotus but I've seen him in more now, including Puppy Honey. He's really great and I can't wait for his future works (please let him and Gun act in a show together againnn)

  • Oab Oabnithi Wiwattanawarang


    First saw him on OffGun fun night (as himself obviously) then when I watched Project S: Spike! I absolutely adored him and thought he was a fantastic actor and didn't realize they were the same guy til I looked him up lol. Anyways, I love him

  • Ngern Anupart Luangsodsai


    What a cutieeee. I loved him in Love Sick when he played Earn and Ioved him even more in Waterboyy the movie. Amazing actor *chef kiss* (I'm not kidding I love him so much) He was really great in Part Time too. It was nice seeing him in a leading role.

  • Fon Sananthachat Thanapatpisal


    Fell in love with her in Kiss Me Again (she's so cute in glasses omg) and my love only increased upon seeing her in Water Boyy The Series 

  • Earth Pirapat Watthanasetsiri


    I've seen all the dramas he's been in and somewhere along the line of watching him in different roles I realized he'd become a fave of mine. Seeing him in a lead role in Water Boyy was what finally sealed the deal. His role in Theory Of Love was really great too.

  • Frank Thanatsaran Samthonglai


    Loved him in "cause your my boy" He's so pretty 

  • Drake Sattabut Laedeke


    "cause your my boy" Actually the cutest omg

  • Sing Harit Cheewagaroon


    I've seen him in a lot of things and somewhere along the way I realized I love him. I think it was He's coming to me that sealed the deal though tbh) Although I was re-watching Love Sick and I realized I really liked his character in that too. Love him in The Gifted tooo

  • Pluem Purim Rattanaruangwattana


    My Dear Loser y'all

  • Chimon Wachirawit Ruangwiwat


    Ditto. Plus I loved him in He's coming to me. His characters in The Giften and Blacklist are great too. He can play all sorts of really different roles. My talented boy 

  • Kim Jae Wook

    South Korean

    I love him so much. I first saw him in Coffee Prince and adored him, then when I saw him in Antique Bakery I decided that he is my favorite man ever. I mean, it takes guts to play a gay man in Korea. He's amazing.

  • Nine Kornchid Boonsathitpakdee


    He plays Kit in 2Moons2 so well, and he's just so cute I really love him. And have y'all ever heard him speak English? He's so good?? He sounds American like omg. He's such a cutie. I watched this insta live he did with Joong and he repeated anything important in English for international fans and it was so sweet. He's one of my top five faves. Sometimes I think he's my first fave since I keep track of him more than the others. I hope he does lots of acting in the future since he plays Kit so well. Also I think he read my "i love you so much" comment during a live once and said he loved m too and I've never recovered from it.

  • Joong Archen Aydin


    Love him as Ming in 2moons2. He's just really cute and ever time he smiles my heart forgets I'm gay and skips a beat. Seriosuly, he's hella attractive. How does Nine even survive? He's a great actor, and a sweetie. His insta stories are always so cute and it really makes my day to see his face or hear his voice. He once did a cute little live show while he was studying and I just- ugh

  • Fiat Pattadon Janngeon


    He's such a cutie and I love him. His personality is so adorable too. He's just so good. That one time he was on Off Gun fun night and he had that little dog stuffed animal? Fucking adorable. Plus, he did some really great acting in Sotus. And his character in The Gifted? Y e s

  • Phoom Naret Promphaopun


    This man. THIS man. He's gonna kill me. First: great actor. Second: so attractive. Third: OH MY GOD HE CANT JUST SAY HE SEES DOME AS MORE THEN A FRIEND AND EXPECT ME TO BE ABLE TO LIVE ON WITH THAT INCREDIBLE KNOWLEDGE. Point is: i love him, I think he's amazing, but his flirtiness is almost too much lmao. Seriously, he goes so overboard and I love it. He speaks really good english and he's really funny. I remember he was doing  alive shirtless in bed one time and the camera slipped to show his chest and he just goes "Oh, shit my nipple" lmao. Yeah, he's great

    10/10/2019: The first (hopefully not last) time Pavel noticed me. He was doing a live and I commented "I have to go now but I love you so much" he read it out loud and replied back saying I could watch him later. It made me so happy *sobs*

  • Ben Benjamin Brasier


    Another great actor (yes I love the 2moons2 cast leave me alone) He's such a sweetie and is another great english speaker. I love how he jokes around and his smile is so good. That one time he and Pavel kept flirting in the comments when JoongNine were doing a live was so funny. He's so great 55

  • Dome Woranart Ratthanaphast


    Another great actor and english speaker. Also very precious. He did a live while driving once and it was so sweet (although Pavel ruined it with his 50 shades of pavel comments lmao) Dome is just so good. He's so good y'all. I will protect.

  • Jane Ramida Jiranorraphat


    She's so pretty omg. She was great in my dear loser as Peach, and even better in Love Beyond Frontier. Plus I liked her in part time. She's a great actress and I really like watching her she's so cute. I think I liked her best in The Gifted though tbh 

  • Jiang Long


    I love him so much omg. His character in King's Avatar is my fave ever. He's so fricking cute you don't understand. I want to dedicate my whole life to protecting him.

  • Yang Yang


    My *clap* precious *clap* talented *clap* boy

    Love o2o is my fave drama ever so ofc I loved him in that he did an excellent job, was great at the romance, and he was really good at playing the cool calm male lead type.

    But what really made me love him was  King's Avatar. He plays a different sort of role. He's still the cool calm male lead but he's also kind of a dork and I love him for it.

    Yang Yang is just so talented, not to mention stunningly attractive, and he's got such a pretty voice ugh

  • Ji Soo

    South Korean

    I really liked him in my first first love. He's a really good actor and so cute. Love him in Strong Woman too

  • Yacht Surat Permpoonsavat


    Baby boy. I love him so much. Loved him in LBC and The Effect (esp. in the effect omg the ending with him was mad cute)

  • Nanon Korapat Kirdpan


    Also a baby boy. First saw him in My Dear Loser: Edge of 17 and liked him then but what really hooked me was when I saw him in The Gifted. He's a versatile actor and I adore him.

  • Kim Varodom Khemmonta


    First saw him in 2moons and loved him as Ming. Got into SBFIVE and loved his singing (his voice is so pretty) and saw him in Part Time and my love only deepened 

    Proof that his voice is beautiful: 

    (Honestly I love this MV so much it's so heartbreaking esp. for my KimCop feels)

  • Mek Jirakit Thawornwong


    Loved him as Thada in Kiss. He's so handsome and has such a nice voice. Loved him too in his guest role in The Gifted

  • Mean Phiravich Attachitsataporn


    Loved him in LBC and ReminderS. His acting is so versatile. Like it's hella impressive how he can act like a completely different person for each role. Watching him in Until We meet again rn. Hope to see him in more stuff in the future <3

  • Plan Rathavit Kijworaluk


    Not that this is important but his dog is hella cute

    Loved him in LBC and ReminderS. Also love his singing. He's in a band called TEMPT and I love them. He's very talented in many aspects <3

  • Park Hyung Shik

    South Korean

    Love him in Hwarang and Strong Woman