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Ah.. the summer I really started really getting into Asian dramas and binge watching them allllll night. Also known as the summer where I should have gotten a job...but didn't. Heh.. oops

Kcitkat Jun 27, 2019
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  • Love by Chance
    1. Love by Chance

    Thai Drama - 2018, 14 episodes




    If you want to see my opinion on this drama check my "uhh some quality dramas" list. Spoiler alert: I loved it

    Edit: Yes I watched this series twice in the span of a few months. I couldn't help it okay, it's so gooood. And you know what? I think I almost liked it better the second time through. I noticed things I didn't' before, and had new appreciation for some things. I mean yeah, some of the really great scenes are always better when you first experience them, but as a whole I really enjoyed the experience of re`watching it. On another note: I. NEED. A. SEASON. TWO.

    Started the summer with Love By Chance, and ended the summer with Love By Chance

  • Friend Day: The Series
    2. Friend Day: The Series

    Thai Special - 2017, 2 episodes


    idk it was short and cute and partially gay so i watched it

  • Make It Right: The Series
    3. Make It Right: The Series

    Thai Drama - 2016, 12 episodes


    Ehh. It was o k a y. I wrote a review if you want my full opinion.

  • Method
    4. Method

    Korean Movie - 2017


    This movie. Holllly jesus. Super dramatic and romantic and real. It was really good.

  • The Boy Next Door
    5. The Boy Next Door

    Korean Drama - 2017, 15 episodes


    Hilarious. Loved it. Need a season two.

  • Love Sick: The Series
    6. Love Sick: The Series

    Thai Drama - 2014, 12 episodes


    Good stuff. Would have rated it higher if Sotus and Love By chance didn't exist. But they do and they set very very high standards. However, I did enjoy this show a lot. Very cute. Also very frustrating..

  • One Smile is Very Alluring
    7. One Smile is Very Alluring

    Chinese Movie - 2016


    Excellent. Liked the show better, but the movie was good too. The actors were good even though they were different than the show (not sure if the show or the movie came first but I watched the show first) Really enjoyed it.

  • Back to the 90's
    8. Back to the 90's

    Thai Movie - 2015


    Watched this show with my mom on Netflix the day I got my wisdom teeth removed. Which is today. I'm writing this in pain fyi. Anyways, good movie, I liked it. It was my mom's first time watching a foreign movie and she liked it too. 

  • Yes or No
    9. Yes or No

    Thai Movie - 2010


    Watched this while on very strong pain meds, so I was very out of it. Really enjoyed it. It was very cute. Watched most of it with my mom. She seemed to like it alright as well. We both kept yelling at the TV every time something got in the way of our ship getting together.

  • Yes or No 2
    10. Yes or No 2

    Thai Movie - 2012


    It was a nice sequel. I liked the ending, and everything in between. Still very cute.

  • Yes or No 2.5
    11. Yes or No 2.5

    Thai Movie - 2015


    Completely new characters threw me off at first, but I still enjoyed it. Didn't like the plot as much as the first two but it was still good. Good romance, and really cute friendship themes. Honestly I liked Pii and Wine's friendship more than I liked the romance, lol.

  • My First First Love
    12. My First First Love

    Korean Drama - 2019, 8 episodes


    Had a hard time staying awake to watch this bc I'm still on heavy pain meds, but stay awake I did. This was a pretty good short drama. Very cute. I definitely really liked it.

  • Love Sick 2: The Series
    13. Love Sick 2: The Series

    Thai Drama - 2015, 36 episodes


    Much better than Season one. Lot's of things finally resolved. Perfect ending. I really enjoyed it. I love the friendships in this too. It's just overall a good watch.

  • One More Time
    14. One More Time

    Korean Drama - 2016, 8 episodes


    Very dramatic. Pretty short. Romantic. Overall not bad. Ending was a t a d confusing.

  • Jumping Girl
    15. Jumping Girl

    Korean Drama - 2015, 15 episodes


    Super short. Easy to watch. Cute male lead. Interesting story. Fairly cute, although simple, romance.

  • 2015 Dream Concert
    16. 2015 Dream Concert

    Korean Movie - 2015


    It was on Netflix so I watched it. BTS' performance was ofc 10/10. I enjoyed some of the other performances. Kinda wanna look into Red Velvet now after watching their performance. SHINee's performance made me sad bc Minho is serving right now :( INFINITE's performance was good I love L <3

  • Kiss: The Series
    17. Kiss: The Series

    Thai Drama - 2016, 16 episodes


    Started it out slow and the love triangle were irritating but after  while I ended up getting really into it. One of the two main romances I didn't really care for, but the other I really loved. Would have liked less drama and more romance, or better yet, more friendship scenes. Loved the third main couple *cough* the gay one *cough* of course even though we got like no content about them. But hey, that's what the prequels for right? I like forward to more sleepless nights with said prequel.

  • Coffee Prince
    18. Coffee Prince

    Korean Drama - 2007, 17 episodes


    Okay. So. My friend got me to watch this bc it's one of her faves and I am so glad she did because ho BOY was it good. The romances were adorable, there was humor, there were many lovable characters, etc. etc. Like usually I find flaws in dramas but this one was just so well developed there's nothing I'm mad about. It was genuinely such a good watch

     (also Noh Sun-ki is my baby boy I love him and his painted nails so goddamn much)

  • Kiss Me Again
    19. Kiss Me Again

    Thai Drama - 2018, 14 episodes


    Honestly I loved this prequel better than it's sequel. It was fun getting to know the sisters, and the new characters were interesting. I lied seeing how they all became friends and the such. But ofc what really sold it for me was Pete and Kao. They are so goddamned cute. I swear to god I think I died watching them. I also loved this prequel because in the sequel I hated how Thada always slicked back his hair bc he has such cute and fluffy hair and for this he kept it fluffy the whole timeeee

    Plus I just love how this show covered every last loose end y'know? Like every character had their arc. It made me really happy (yes I'm talking about a certain best friend *cough*)

    I also really loved some of the side characters in this. i wont name names but there was a really cute ship that I loved in this and honestly they need their own spin-off.

    I would have given this a 10/10 if it had focused only on Pete and Kao because they are so. god. damn. cute. I'm not worthy.

    In conclusion: Sanwan is adorable and I love her.

  • Closer to you
    20. Closer to you

    Chinese Movie - 2016


    super short and sweet

  • Morning Boy
    21. Morning Boy

    Thai Movie - 2014


    One single line was said in this entire film and honestly?  It was so cute? So much was said in the silence. 

  • Good Loser
    22. Good Loser

    Thai Movie - 2019


    Okay but this was actually cute and can we get a whole show about them please??

  • Good Loser 2
    23. Good Loser 2

    Thai Movie - 2019


    I'm serious: I neEd MoRe

  • ReminderS
    24. ReminderS

    Thai Drama - 2019, 3 episodes


    I aged ten years watching this. But the ending gave me them back plus ten more.

    I was so happy watching this getting to see Phun and Noh in college. I love them so much and I sooo want a season three for Love Sick.

    Plus I loved having my two fave Love By Chance couples in a series together again. MeanPlan esp. they killed me as TinCan but 2wish healed my wound just a bit haha. I loved seeing Perth and Saint act together again. I love them sm. 

  • You Had Me At Hello
    25. You Had Me At Hello

    Thai Movie - 2018


    Honestly pretty cute

  • My Baby Bright
    26. My Baby Bright

    Thai Special - 2018, 1 episode


    So cute omg. I love KristSingto so much I can imagine how much they probably laughed filming this ahah. Adorable story, funny, and very cute. I absolutely loved it.

  • Seven Days: Monday - Thursday
    27. Seven Days: Monday - Thursday

    Japanese Movie - 2015


    I just finished this.

    And I'm actually crying. I have TEARS coming out of my eyes.

    I read the manga and liked it alright so I didn't think the movie would be that great but oh godd I was so wrongggg

  • Seven Days: Friday - Sunday
    28. Seven Days: Friday - Sunday

    Japanese Movie - 2015


    Perfect ending to a perfect beginning. Loved it. Still crying.

  • 2 Moons: The Series
    29. 2 Moons: The Series

    Thai Drama - 2017, 12 episodes


    Very cute and simple. The plot was nice as was the romance. It lacked in what other BL dramas have to offer (such as angst or the such) however I liked the sweetness and innocence of it. Honestly what I loved most about the whole thing was Ming and Yo's friendship. They are a big part of why I gave this drama a high score. Plus I really liked the Kit and Ming ship, and the dramas whole take on same sex love. 'It doesn't matter if someone is a man or a woman if you love them then you love them' it was very sweet.

  • Let Me Kiss You
    30. Let Me Kiss You

    Thai Movie - 2017


    I'm a simple person. I see actors from love by chance, I click.

  • Off Gun Fun Night
    31. Off Gun Fun Night

    Thai TV Show - 2017, 9 episodes


    I love OffGun so much. Plus I knew all but two of their guests so of course I had to watch uwu. Now while "Theory Of Love" is airing was the perfect time to watch this too. It slightly eased my suffering waiting for the next episode.

  • Flyleaf of Summer
    32. Flyleaf of Summer

    Taiwanese Movie - 2017


    Doctor: You have six minutes left to live

    Me: Heheh

  • Somewhere Only We Know
    33. Somewhere Only We Know

    Chinese Drama - 2019, 24 episodes


    This drama made me so angry. So so so angry. It was good but the plot had a lot of sudden turns to the point where it felt like a new drama. There's a love triangle in it and she didn't end up with the guy I wanted her to which is the main reason I rated it down. I would have given it a nine otherwise. Still I liked the characters and their story lines (although I wish their endings had been more clear)

  • Alice: Crack of Season
    34. Alice: Crack of Season

    Korean Movie - 2016


    This was really cute. Kinda wished it had a more clear ending but it was still a good watch. Short and sweet.

  • Pragma
    35. Pragma

    Korean Movie - 2014


    Sooo cute. Great ending. 

  • Triage
    36. Triage

    Thai Movie - 2019


    confusing...but cute?

  • Project S The Series: SPIKE
    37. Project S The Series: SPIKE

    Thai Drama - 2017, 8 episodes


    Guess who watched this in a day? Yup, you guessed it.

    Look I'm already trash for Haikyuu!! so when I found out there was an Asian Drama about Volleyball boys I had to see it.

    It's not even funny how good this show is. So many emotions packed into eight episodes. I really really really wish there was more. Especially because I had three ships that were all hinted at (esp in the last episode) but a bitch needs some confirmation. OthERWiSe Im JuSt LeFt To SpEnD thE ResT oF My LiFe WonDerInG

  • Water Boyy: The Movie
    38. Water Boyy: The Movie

    Thai Movie - 2015


    Hello and welcome to my new favorite movie. I truly loved this film. What a masterpiece omg. The romance was amazing, the plot on point, the OST to die for. It even made me laugh. Absolutely fantastic y'all.

  • Love's Coming
    39. Love's Coming

    Thai Movie - 2014


    I hit play for romance and ended up getting friendship. (There is a gay romance mind you, but the cute friendships was way better)  No, but my low score for this was because it wasn't my kind of movie, not because it was bad. It's a decent movie. It's cute. I just didn't particularly like it. The ending was the best part for sure. I just liked Gump's friends lmao. 

  • Love Love You
    40. Love Love You

    Thai Movie - 2015


    I almost didn't watch this sequel movie to "Love's coming"since the prequel left such a "meh" impression on me. However when I found out the lead I didn't particularly like was replaced with Gun (who I adore) I had to watch. The original lead wasn't bad I just didn't feel he had much chemistry with his co-star. Besides that, the plot also improved (a LOT) as did the characters, and new characters were introduced as well. I really liked everything this movie had to offer. Gump's mom is actually such a great character lmao. Also no spoilers but those two at the end got me with a little side ship tbh.

  • BTS' Lucky Draw
    41. BTS' Lucky Draw

    Korean TV Show - 2015, 5 episodes


    My boyssss <3 <3 Love watching them play games and have fun. It always brightens my mood to see them smile and laugh.

  • From Now To The Past
    42. From Now To The Past

    Chinese Movie - 2015





  • Water Boyy: The Series
    43. Water Boyy: The Series

    Thai Drama - 2017, 14 episodes


    You know a dramas good when it's got you crying in bed at three in the morning.

    So many of my fave actors were in this

    So many quality romances. So many emotions. So much yelling at my screen.

    I did like the movie s l i g h t l y better. Less than the .5 difference in my ratings of them even. The movie is just slightly better quality but I really love them equally and although it was the same basic plot they did go different ways with it so it's hard to compare when each was special in it's own unique way.

  • Off Gun Fun Night Special - Live in Malaysia
    44. Off Gun Fun Night Special - Live in Malaysia

    Thai TV Show - 2019, 1 episode


    I needed this after watching the preview for ep 11 of Theory Of Love. The singing was so cute

  • Long Time No See
    45. Long Time No See

    Korean Drama - 2017, 5 episodes


    I don't even know how to begin to describe how !!! this drama was. Firstly: genuine Korean BL is so rare so it's amazing just for that. Secondly, the acting and plot was superb. I wish it had been longer, it was so cute.

  • My Dear Loser Series: Edge of 17
    46. My Dear Loser Series: Edge of 17

    Thai Drama - 2017, 9 episodes


    The cutest most pure drama I've ever watched tbh. It was so precious omg. I adored the characters and the ships are superb. Insun and OhPeach are just so adorable and I love them. *cries* (Adorable mushroom with his biker gang to back him up is my favorite thing)

  • 'Cause You're My Boy
    47. 'Cause You're My Boy

    Thai Drama - 2018, 12 episodes


    It took me a while to get around to watching this because most of the reviews and comments for it are super harsh. Sure, it has flaws. But I personally think other aspects more than makes up for them. It's one of the most romantic dramas I've ever seen. It's super adorable,made me cry in the last two episodes, and I loved all the characters. The acting was great too.

  • My First First Love 2
    48. My First First Love 2

    Korean Drama - 2019, 8 episodes


    What a satisfying season two. Every plot line was brought to a nice end. It was short and sweet and left me with a peaceful little happy feeling. It's quite the feel good tbh.

  • Same Same Is Not The Same
    49. Same Same Is Not The Same

    Thai Movie - 2015


    I'm depressed now, thanks. No clear ending either :/

  • Top Management
    50. Top Management

    Korean Drama - 2018, 16 episodes


    Firstly: I need a season two 

    Secondly: I literally watched this all in one goddamn sitting. I dunno why. I didn't mean to. I think I'm just putting off watching episode eleven of Theory Of Love... 

    Anyways, this was pretty good. So it almost got an 8.5 out of me but there were some plot points I felt were resolved too quickly, or not resolved. Nothing huge or anything just minor details. Still really really good. I loved how BTS were mentioned like five times heheh. Plus I never though I could love a fictional kpop band this much. I actually watched this show because I saw the music video for "get myself with you" and I looked up S.O.U.L because I wanted to Stan lol. I also liked it's view point on a couple things. Especially fans and the role they play in kpop. There's a really great scene that has to do with the members reading fanfic and it's so funny 

  • Project S The Series: Side by Side
    51. Project S The Series: Side by Side

    Thai Drama - 2017, 8 episodes


    This drama legitimately made me cry almost every episode so that was fun. It was really good though. If I had to choose a theme it would be, without a doubt, love. Love between family, between friends, love for sports, romantic love. This show has it all. It's mostly family though. 

    Also, for those wondering: This. Show. Is. Not. BL. People put it in gay lists because of the super close relationship between the two main characters, but hello they're cousins?? First Cousins, guys. It's not gay, it's a little thing called f a m i l y. Anyways, really sweet story. I kept rooting for Dong the most tbh eheh. Every time he started to tear up I found myself crying. I loved Gym too though. It was so emotional watching their stories.

  • He's Coming To Me
    52. He's Coming To Me

    Thai Drama - 2019, 8 episodes


    I'm not crying I swear.

    So freaking emotional. So freaking romantic. It was amazing. It had mystery, magic, love, friendship, and humor. It was truly such an amazing watch. I need a season two. I just want to see more. It was so cute goddd. Plus I never thought it would get so dramatic haha. I was on the edge of my seat (except I watched on my bed so not really) watching this in some parts. I loved watching Singto play another role too. He's so good ^^ I thought it would bug me seeing him play in a romance with someone other than Krist since I'm such a huge Sotus fan,  but the actors did so well and the plot was so good my mind was like "Sotus what now? Kongpob who?" I really loved it. Now I just need to figure out how to function like a normal person with all these emotions flooding me *cries*

  • HIStory: My Hero
    53. HIStory: My Hero

    Taiwanese Drama - 2017, 4 episodes


    So not my kind of drama. Didn't care for the plot at all. I did really like the ending though. I won't say why because spoilers. 

  • Find You In The Crowd
    54. Find You In The Crowd

    Chinese Movie - 2017


    The plot was super confusing. I'm still not sure exactly what happened lmao. It just kinda made me sad.

  • HIStory: Stay Away From Me
    55. HIStory: Stay Away From Me

    Taiwanese Drama - 2017, 4 episodes


    Better than my hero but still not my thing. I've never liked the stepbrothers trope in BL. It was cute though. Also Meng Meng was adorable so I just enjoyed watching her tbh. (I love being gay lmao)

  • HIStory: Obsessed
    56. HIStory: Obsessed

    Taiwanese Drama - 2017, 4 episodes


    My fav of the HIStory's so far. Didn't care for the other two much but this one was much better for me. I'm all about that angst. I'm a fluff over smut fan usually* so the last episode was a bit much for me haha. This one was also good for me bc I love when the couple has the confident guy who chases the other. (Like TinCan or KitMing for example)

    *Some is fine. Like I loved those scenes in Love by Chance bc they were actual works of art, but in other cases I don't like it. It's the lesbian in me. I like my men fully clothed thank you very much

  • HIStory2: Right or Wrong
    57. HIStory2: Right or Wrong

    Taiwanese Drama - 2018, 8 episodes


    I have no words to describe how much I loved this drama. It's only flaw was it's length. I need more than eight episodes!! It was so perfect and romantic and beautiful. A true masterpiece. I replayed the last episode over and over again ngl.

  • Theory of Love
    58. Theory of Love

    Thai Drama - 2019, 12 episodes


    How did I live before OffGun tbh.

    This drama is so special to me because it's just so good. It truly presents to us such a real story of love and friendship. Every scene is beautiful and purposeful. Many of my fave actors are in it. There's just so much raw emotion to it and honestly my only complaint was that it ended. I want more. I watched this as it aired, and, let me tell you it was hell waiting for a new episode every week.  Its just such a masterpiece. I can't praise this drama enough.

    (fyi I cried so much over this drama you don't even know. Every episode made me a  w r e c k for a week)

    a n g s t

  • Advance Bravely
    59. Advance Bravely

    Chinese Drama - 2017, 30 episodes


    I should have expected how this one would go tbh. Can't say much more than that I don't want to spoil it. I did like it, and yes I had complaints about the ending as much as the next guy but it could have been worse. In fact, I think that it ended pretty well all things concerned, There's a lot of implication throughout with all of the characters so you just gotta kinda use your intuition and realize what's going on without it being spelled out for you.

    Anyways, I thought this was a pretty good drama. The plot was decent and it made me emotional in parts. There was a couple dumb things but they were minor. Overall it was a pretty good watch. (Really good op and end songs too like those were nice)

  • HIStory2: Boundary Crossing
    60. HIStory2: Boundary Crossing

    Taiwanese Drama - 2018, 8 episodes



    This was so good. So so good. I just watched it in one sitting and I'm soooo !!!! right now

    ngl the soundtrack cracked me up though

    Seriously though, this one was so good. I mean, c'mon, it's volleyball. I thik my faveorite genre has become very specific and it is as follows: Gay. Volley. Ball. Exhibit A: Haikyuu!! (my fave anime) Exhibit B: Project S: Spike! (one of my fave dramas) and now this serves as exhibit C

  • One Last Order
    61. One Last Order

    Korean Movie - 2019


    So good and pure and beautiful and cute and romantic and sweet

    I can't praise it enough. I even wrote it a review y'all. I only do that if I really love something or really hate it. It left me with such a warm feeling.

  • HIStory3: Trapped
    62. HIStory3: Trapped

    Taiwanese Drama - 2019, 20 episodes


    How did they make a drama that is suspenseful, romantic, dramatic, adorable,  and emotional all at the same time? I mean there was SO much to it. It wasn't just 'oh here's a romance and the conflicts that occur before they can be together' no, this drama had a whole ass murder mystery with so much more thrown in. It had depth, it had character, it had plot twists I didn't see coming. It was honestly just done so well and I can't believe something this good exists. 

    Quality wise it's a 10/10 I just gave it a 9/10 for personal enjoyment. I'm not a crime drama fan but I enjoyed it regardless which says something about how good this show is. Also: the intro song? Really good ngl.

  • Key Love: The Series
    63. Key Love: The Series

    Thai Drama - 2019, 2 episodes


    Unexpectedly, I enjoyed this. The ending surprised me.. let's just put it that. Kinda cute ngl.

  • Senior Secret Love: Puppy Honey
    64. Senior Secret Love: Puppy Honey

    Thai Drama - 2016, 6 episodes


    Watched for OffGun, but enjoyed the other romance as well. The plot wasn't really my thing (too pure) but I liked it. It was a sweet one time watch. I watched it all in one sitting (as usual) Watching Theory of Love before this was funny because seeing OffGun as Third and Khai an then as Pick and Rome was quite the change lmao. All in all it was pretty good.

  • Antique Bakery
    65. Antique Bakery

    Korean Movie - 2008


    This movie was so good??????? I actually loved it. It was funny, dramatic, it had mystery and romance. It was fantastic. 

    Sun Woo and Jin Hyuk are actually so cute omg I love them.

    I loved all the characters. I loved the dynamic between the four guys and how they all had their things.

    Plus the character development was fantastic, and the take on gay relationships was amazing?? How was this a 2008 Korean film? It's too good to be true.

    P.S Plus I loved Kim Jae Wook in Coffee Prince so seeing him in this film was great and as a gay character no less. SO good. He played both roles so well and I just really love him.

  • VIP Gymnasium
    66. VIP Gymnasium

    Taiwanese Drama - 2017, 8 episodes


    Pretty dumb. Made me laugh in a few parts though. Kinda was a waste of time to watch but whatever.

  • Senior Secret Love: Puppy Honey 2
    67. Senior Secret Love: Puppy Honey 2

    Thai Drama - 2017, 8 episodes


    Plot was a bit to simple and pure for me (lol) plus I don't really like love triangles/squares but it was still a nice one time watch. I did really like the last episode and I wish there was a third season just focusing on the four friends together because I really like their dynamic.

    Also what is with GGMTV and casting OffGun in role where Off's character is an asshole to Guns character. I just got done crying over Third and Khai, I didn't need Pick's asshole character to add to my sadness. (I'm kidding I love Pick even if he is an asshole)

    P.S I was so happy to see Krist make an appearance. I love him so much~ He's so cute in everything I see him in. Shout out to Sing too, I enjoyed seeing him in a kind of role I'd never seen him play before

  • Our Skyy
    68. Our Skyy

    Thai Drama - 2018, 5 episodes


    God I love Our Skyy so much. I watched them totally out of order because I watched Sotus way before any of the others so episode five was the first I watched. Our Skyy is just so nice because it gives us the continuation of all our fave ships, and sometimes closure for stories left unfinished.

    Ep One was super funny and cute. OffGun are my fave GMMTV actors, so anything with them is fantastic. Plus the personality switch was fun. I thought they did a good job of playing each other's characters. And it was nice to see Pick and Rome in the future and what that future looks like

    Ep 2 was great because we finally got the closure we needed for In and Sun. I'll leave it at that to avoid spoilers.

    Ep 3 might be my fave just because Tee and Mork are so goddamn cute and adorable. They just make me so happy.

    Ep 4 was perfect because I love Pete and Kao with all my heart and soul. TayNew are also my fave GMMTV actors and they are so cute together as Pete and Kao. Any interaction with them is fantastic and I can't wait for Dark Blue kiss to airrrr

    Ep 5, the first one I saw, is the other contender for my fave because it had a lot more to it than the other one's. It definitely further developed Kongpob and Arhit's relationship and we got more character development.

    Also: I love that it's canon through this that Pick and Rome and Pete and Kao are next door neighbors. Where are these houses I must buy the one across them. (I imagine them meeting each other and becoming friends and spending time together the four of them)

  • Sotus: The Series
    69. Sotus: The Series

    Thai Drama - 2016, 15 episodes



    So I finally gave in and re-watched Sotus. Since it was my very first Thai drama it was weird watching it again after I've seen so many now. I clearly started with the best though because Sotus still shines above the rest. I enjoyed it just as much as the first time, even with knowing everything that would happen. A true masterpiece Sotus is. Plus, now I know who New and Off are so I can appreciate seeing them in Sotus haha. When I first watched it I didn't know who they were. Off as Bright was especially funny. New as M was amusing as well. This drama will always be so special to me and I have a feeling this wont be the last time I re-watch it...

  • SOTUS: Very Special EP
    70. SOTUS: Very Special EP

    Thai Special - 2017, 1 episode


    I can't believe it took me so long to watch this special!! Since I just re-watched season one I figured now was a good time to finally watch it. It was adorable ofc god I love the cast so much. Krist and Singto will always be my faves and i love every behind the scenes of them. I loved hearing about the process and how much work everyone put in to make the masterpiece that is Sotus. It was cute listening to KristSingto talking about scenes they got shy during too. Plus the clips of them dancing to DOPE was awesome!! We love an ARMY cast. I knew I could trust Krist haha. In conclusion; I adore them with all my heart and soul and when Oaujun (Tew) said he thought KristSingto could be a couple when he first saw them together I may have screamed.

  • In Between Seasons
    71. In Between Seasons

    Korean Movie - 2018


    This was such an emotional film. There's just so much to it, and the story is really so beautiful. It really told such an incredible heart wrenching tale of unconditional love. I don't know how else to describe it. It's the kind of film you have to watch multiple times to fully appreciate it. There's so many sides to view it from, and so many things that happen. It's really such an impressive movie.

  • Sotus S: The Series
    72. Sotus S: The Series

    Thai Drama - 2017, 13 episodes



    God I forgot how cute Tew/Day and Nai/Yong is. Once again, I can't express enough how much I adore Sotus. It's just so perfectly developed and KristSingto have the perfect chemistry for the roles and the plot. Sotus always has so many good messages and leaves you feeling happy (after it makes you cry from the angst) I also just re-watched their Our Skyy episode. It made me so happy. I like how they said M was studying abroad bc New couldn't be in the ep. since he's Kao in his own our Skyy ep lmao.

    73. i STORIES

    Thai Drama - 2018, 4 episodes


    Eh, they were alright. Kinda boring, but they had nice messages attached. The only one I genuinely liked was the last one. It was pretty cute. Very funny to me that they're like ads for honda though lmao