Completed in Fall/Winter 2019

The beginning of my senior year in high school. Yay. After this I'll probably start these lists by year, but since I already did a summer one I figure i'll do a fall/winter one. It'll be nice to look back and see what I did instead of studying.

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  • Boyfriend
    1. Boyfriend

    Thai Movie - 2016


    The plot was a bit dull, but it was cute. It was alright for a one time watch.

  • Part Time: The Series
    2. Part Time: The Series

    Thai Drama - 2016, 26 episodes


    So. Many. Boys. To. Cry. Over. (this will be a long one)

    Never has a drama thrown so many loveable characters at all me all at once. There were soo many mains and sides to keep track of but I loved it so much. Plus, it created the craziest love web ever. Like everyone was connected with this person likes this person who likes this person. It was crazy, tell you.

    I really loved this drama because it was just so real. It really showed you the struggles of young adulthood. Of going out on your own for the first time and experiencing life on your own. Job, money, college, friendship, romance, it had it all. And loads of it. 

    The first few episodes are kind of boring but once you get into it you really get into it. All the story lines were fairly interested and it jumped around enough that I didn't get too bored. It had flaws of course, but nothing to fuss over. Btw, I really kind of loved the OST ngl

    So favorite characters were definitely: Jod (I love love love him), Ti (precious bean), Hall (for obvious reasons. Also because of his actor. I loved seeing Kimmon play him. And he was so cute with red hair and braces), and Q (can I dedicate my life to protecting him please?) Besides them I also loved Mong (Ngern did a great job bringing life to his character. He's such a good actor <3) Jin, and Ter. I also adored Tong.

    My all time favorite characters were View and X though for obvious reasons. You can't give me the cutest cheesiest romantic boys ever and not expect me to pin all my life happiness on them.


  • 2 Moons 2: The Series
    3. 2 Moons 2: The Series

    Thai Drama - 2019, 12 episodes


    This aired in summer and I basically watched it all in the summer (as it aired) but idc I'm putting it in this list instead fight me.

    Okay. So. AHHHHHH. So so so so good. Better than the original, for sure. I mean, it helps that the plot goes beyond what the original did, but it also just had elemnts I liked better.

    Plus, as much as I love the old cast (esp.Kimmon and Copter and the other SBFIVE boys) I adore this new cast. Joong, Nine, and Ben especially. Pavel too. I mean, all of them, but yeah. I love watching their live shows and seeing them goof around. They're all just so cute and talented and i can't-

    But in terms of the actual show *cough* I really enjoyed it. The plot was engaging, and the romances are soo good. My fave is MingKit (ofc) but ForthBeam is a c l o s e  second. 

    I need more. We better get a third season as promised bc I n e e d moreee.

    Have I mentioned that I really love MingKit? (also what a rad theme song. ~Fall in love, I'm falling in love. You make me smile when I think of youu~

  • Beloved Enemy
    4. Beloved Enemy

    Chinese Drama - 2017, 15 episodes


    This drama is not gay, however it's based on an exceedingly gay novel that I forced myself to read. Honestly I really didn't like this drama or the novel. This drama was boring, slow, not gay at all, and had a lot of scenes that didn't make sense without the context of the novel. On the other hand, the novel was so smutty, and graphic that I could hardly stand it and only forced myself to read it out of pride (although I will say the last like ten chapters were kinda cute. If y'all wanna read it it can easily be found on Wattpad but I wouldn't recommend it) Anyways, the acting was good for this drama and it started out okay, but it just kept going downhill and the plot just wasn't very good. My final verdict is don't waste your time.

  • I Am Your King
    5. I Am Your King

    Thai Drama - 2017, 5 episodes


    Underrated diamond in the rough y'all omg

    Okay so I really freaking loved this drama. Like, I know the plot was simple but it was so good. Group of six guy friends play the king game and things get complicated between all of them as they discover secrets and hidden feelings among the group. It was so !!!!. I wish it was wayyy longer and I'm so glad there's gonna be a season two I can't wait omg.

    It was a tiny bit hard to follow, I had to go back and rewatch parts to make sure I was understanding everything. He first episode was a bit fan service-y but I'm certain you not complaining. I thought the pairings were really cute, Bright and August especially. I absolutely loved the cast, have of them played roles on Love By Chance so ofc I loved seeing them again, and in bigger roles which was nice. As for Newyear, I loved finding out that he's openly gay in real life and has a super cute YouTube channel with his bf Both. Like- ???? That's so cute??? Omg?? Also: All the acting in this drama is like really good. These boys need more appreciation.

    Last but not least I definitely gotta add Pond's mom to my internal list of thai drama mom's that fucking rock. 

    Honestly it's really good but so short that when you finish you kinda wanna rewatch it all and honestly I might

  • He Says To Me...?
    6. He Says To Me...?

    Thai Movie - 2017



    Yes I gave this film a nine shut up it was the cutest five minutes of my life. I need an entire series. Please? PLeAse?? It was so cute. I'm not kidding. It's so cute. I screeched. I'm gonna re-watch it like a million times over it was that cute. Like? How did they make something so short so good!? And like even the acting is really good like omggg. Okay, okay, I'm sorry it was just so good.

    edit: yeah. I watched it twice. Is it still a nine my second time through? Yes, although I will admit it doesn't deserve a nine on a general perspective but from my very biased gay loving ass it gets a 9/10

  • Symbol Love
    7. Symbol Love

    Thai Movie - 2019


    Meh. Would have been better if it was longer.

  • Faded
    8. Faded

    Chinese Movie - 2017


    This is why watching all these gay films is worthwhile. Most of them kinda suck but then I'll find hidden gems like this that make it all worth it. This was such a sweet and emotional 15 minutes. I really liked it.

  • Love Beyond Frontier
    9. Love Beyond Frontier

    Thai Drama - 2019, 13 episodes


    omg so this drama is so good and I'm so glad I decided to watch it. First of all my top two fave Thai actors star in it (Krist and New) so I loved seeing them in it and playing new roles (I swear Krist is aging backwards??) Both of their roles were different from other things I've seen them in. Plus the girls were amazing too. All the acting was really good actually.

    Besides good acting, the plot was great. Good timing, dramatic, and surprising. It was dramatic, but also had humor (it def had me laughing at parts) Plus, it's got really sweet romance, friendship, and family themes. It got me really emotional. I loved all the friendships, and the romances, and the family scenes. It was all so good. I love the main fours dynamic together. Plus the ending was really nice and wrapped up everything so there was no questions left unanswered


    My favorite character is Winnie 555

  • Love Sick: The Series
    10. Love Sick: The Series

    Thai Drama - 2014, 12 episodes



    idk i just had a craving for it. It was really nice re-watching it knowing nearly all the actors now haha. I could appreciate more knowing all of them and thinking of other works they've been in. Re-watching this also reminded me of how good an actor White is. His characters are so different I almost forget they're played by the same guy. I love him <3 I actually skipped over a lot of the boring scenes of the other story lines this time through and focused on watching the Phun/Noh scenes and honestly? It made it so much better. If it didn't have so many other boring story lines I would rate it higher because the romance is sooo good. Not to say all the other story lines are boring, I just don't care for them much compared to our main boys haha. Im gonna re-watch season two now and I'm excited bc season two gets so much betterrr.

  • Love Sick 2: The Series
    11. Love Sick 2: The Series

    Thai Drama - 2015, 36 episodes



    AKA what I did when I should have been studying for my SAT's which are literally in four days.

    Re-watching it gave me so much appreciation for the acting, plot, and just everything. It's so good y'all. The ost is to die for I listen to it all the time. The plot s romantic, dramatic, and funny all at once. It's also probably my fave drama for friendship themes bc Noh's friend group is so great. i love hoe funny they are and how supportive they are while also making fun of each other.

    I've always liked this second season better since it gets into the good stuff with the development of the main couple as well as the three new ships that I adore. EarnPete and PerWin will kill me. OhmMick too tbh.

    Just gotta give Ngern a shout out for being such a talented actor. His skills really got to shine in this second season. Also: this season had so many actors in common with Part Time I noticed, lol

  • ReminderS
    12. ReminderS

    Thai Drama - 2019, 3 episodes



    Why I love Reminders: 1.) Continuation of Phun and Noh's story 2.) Noh's hair glow up 3.) Captain, White, Perth, Saint, Mean and Plan all acting in a drama together 4.) Phun being a love guru  5.) Plan with pink hair 6.) Mean playing an adorable soft boi 7.) Saint playing a confident sexy boi 8.) More scenes that prove Perth is the most fantastic actor ever 9.) More Perth/Saint kisses s if LBC hadn't already killed us 10.) Two/Wish being the cutest ship ever and giving me a little bit of peace from TinCan

  • The Gifted
    13. The Gifted

    Thai Drama - 2018, 13 episodes


    Oh. My. GOD. This was so so so so good. It was intense, suspenseful, and surprising. It made me cry in some parts, and kept my eyes glued to the screen. Honestly amazing. I loved the acting, many of my fave actors were in it. Nanon did a fantastic job as the main role. Ssing, Gun, Jane, Chimon and the others were fantastic too (especially Gun like holy shit he can act) The concept of this drama was so cool, and the plot was well developed. I absolutely loved it.

    Also Wave is best boy 10/10 and if you disagree you are wrong

  • Together with Me
    14. Together with Me

    Thai Drama - 2017, 13 episodes


    SO good. SO romantic. It got me all teary eyed and had me smiling like mad towards the end. It was honestly so good and had so many loveable characters (and many hateable characters..) The plot was great, and I adored the romance so so much. Would have given it a nine if not for a few things I had complaints about. Overall, an extremely good watch and I can't wait to watch Bad Romance now (although I've heard it's not as good) Also: Can we just appreciate how good of actors Max and Tul are? Like omg. They did such a good job. Hats off. Truly.

  • The Effect
    15. The Effect

    Thai Drama - 2019, 3 episodes


    I almost couldn't finish this drama but I'm really glad I did. It's really heavy and has a lot of topics that are really hard to cover. It's such a real portrayal of things that happen and I really think this was an important thing that was made. I really admire the staff, creators, and actors who made this. 

    To anyone thinking about watching it. I must give you a very large warning. This drama contains mature content and should only be viewed by those who can handle it. Major trigger warnings for: Rape, Abuse, and Self Harm. Please keep that in mind when deciding to watch or not.

  • WayV Dream Plan
    16. WayV Dream Plan

    Chinese TV Show - 2019, 12 episodes


    I loved watching this so much. My boys worked so god damn hard and I'm so proud. They deserve so much and I want them to always be happy. I laughed so much watching them and cried watching them perform their dream stage. I can't wait to see what awaits them in the future *sobs*

  • Before I Love You: Rain x Storm
    17. Before I Love You: Rain x Storm

    Thai Movie - 2019


    Wasn't nearly as good as the other Before I love you (which I gave a nine oops) but it was cute. A little rushed, but eh. It made me chuckle a bit and it was overall fairly cute

  • NightTime
    18. NightTime

    Thai Drama - 2019, 3 episodes


    It was achingly adorable and also made me cry. A fun combination. I need a season two though because that was hella unresolved. It's three in the morning and I am not okay with thissss.

    19. ONE DREAM. TXT

    Korean TV Show - 2019, 8 episodes


    I can't express how emotional watching this made me. I love TXT so much. They've worked so hard to get where they are and they have a bright future ahead of them. I can't wait to be with them every step of the way. Watching this was just so much fun and made me so happy. I'm glad they had fun even while they worked hard and I laughed a lot. Tomorrow X Together, fighting! <3

  • 'Cause You're My Boy
    20. 'Cause You're My Boy

    Thai Drama - 2018, 12 episodes



    I just got a craving for it out of nowhere. Even though I literally watched it three months ago..*cough* Anyways. Loved watching it again. I still say people are too harsh on this drama. Yes, the plot is rough but I think it connected better the second time through. Besides, the chemistry and romance is so good who needs a perfect plot, right? Honestly GordMorn are cuter then I remembered and they need their own series. 

    Okay fine the "craving" was a lie. I watched it because I'm watching Blacklist right now and it makes me sad to see Frank and Drake act in a show together but not play a couple. So I re-watched this to make me feel better. Shut up.

  • Lily Fever
    21. Lily Fever

    Korean Drama - 2015, 9 episodes


    Was excited to find a Korean lesbian romance but was sorely disappointing upon watching it. There was absolutely nothing that made sense. There was a bunch of weird confusing things thrown in, no clear ending, and just- ??? The characters were cute, and if the plot had made any sort of inkling of sense I might have enjoyed. (The kiss scenes we'rent bad tho ngl)

  • Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
    22. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

    Korean Drama - 2017, 16 episodes


    I gotta say, this was a pretty good drama. I liked a lot of the story lines, the romance was really cut, and the kidnapping plot interesting. There was a bit too much humor for my taste, but the acting, ost, and other elements made up for it. It's probably not something I'm ever gonna re-watch but I will hold fond memories of it. Some of the things I liked most was they had a positive portrayal of homosexuality (always a bonus), and it had some real stuff in it. I loved the three main actors. The two guys I loved from previous shows and the girl- omg she is so pretty and adorable I think I died watching. I don't usually like dramas with supernatural abilities but this one did good with it. Overall, I loved it. (also ngl Bong-Ki is my baby boy. I've officially adopted him) Also in my unbiased Lesbian opinion the kidnapper was kinda hot