My All-Time Favourite Dramas

  • Ever Night (CN)
  • Untouchable Lovers (CN)
  • The Untamed (CN)
  • Le Coup de Foudre (CN)
  • Down With Love (TW)
  • It Started with a Kiss (TW)
  • They Kiss Again (TW)
  • A Taste of Love (HK-TVB)
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  • Ever Night
    1. Ever Night

    Chinese Drama - 2018, 60 episodes


    Ever Night is the wonderful drama adaption of Mao Ni's novel: Nightfall, an epic story packed with action. Ever Night tells the first half of the novel. As the only survivor out of the massacre at General Lin's manor, Ning Que finds an infant-Sang Sang, buried under a pile of dead bodies, and from that moment onward, the two form a special bond and become inseparable, living for each other and traveling the world together. Determined to avenge the innocent lives of those wrongfully slaughtered, Ning Que, together with his little maidservant, Sang Sang, finally make the decision to leave their only home in the City of Wei, and travel to Chang'An (the capital of Tang) so Ning Que can enter the Academy and begin his cultivating journey. From that moment onward, their lives were destined to change forever. 

    The production is spectacular with great directing and incredible cinematography! The choreographed fight sequences and the added special effects were seamlessly integrated. The sets and filming sites were amazing and the casting was perfect. Everyone really nailed their roles! Having read the novel, I'm very satisfied with how the drama turned out! I felt the Ever Night team did a fairly decent job of following the novel, given the length of the novel and the budgetary limitations involved in all filming projects... Naturally, not all the scenes happened exactly the way they did in the novel but I felt they did capture the main content and feeling that is conveyed in the novel. 

    The songs selected for the soundtrack worked surprisingly well despite most of the songs having a more modern feel to them. But, they are amazing pieces that fit perfectly in the scenes. 

    From the overall story, to the background story of each character and their relationships with each other (particularly between Ning Que and Sang Sang which have a very unique and special relationship), it all makes for a spectacular drama.

  • Untouchable Lovers
    2. Untouchable Lovers

    Chinese Drama - 2018, 54 episodes


    When one person's wild ambition for ultimate power intersects with a love one least expected to find, how will one choose?

    Liu Song Arc: In the first quarter of the drama, the story takes place in Great Song where Zhu Que is tasked, by Tianji Tower, to overthrow Liu Ziye, the tyrannical ruler of the Liu Song dynasty. As a look-a-like to the Princess of Song, Zhu Que masquerades as Liu Chu Yu and becomes the madam of the Princess Manor where she meets Rong Zhi, the favourite male attendant of the Princess. Rong Zhi has secrets of his own as he hides his real identity as a spy from the Great Wei state. Their interactions lead Rong Zhi to suspect Chu Yu is not the former Princess. As the two rely on each other to further their own agendas, they begin to fall in love with each other. But with differing loyalties and deception between them, will they be able to find happiness together? 

    Northern Wei Arc: In the remaining three quarters of the drama, the story switches over to Great Wei and is told from Rong Zhi's perspective. A man with great ambition, Rong Zhi becomes the Prince Regent of Wei and is unafraid to utilize unscrupulous means to achieve his goals, including using the women in his life. Due to the state's needs, Rong Zhi is forced to marry the Princess of Song, Liu Chu Yu, in a marriage alliance as a peace treaty between the two states. Chu Yu is smart, outspoken, rambunctious, and not to be trifled with. With great self-awareness and possessing a pure heart, she is able to stay afloat as she finds herself living a life filled with deceit, all the while being made the scapegoat of successive evil schemes. Her appearance in Rong Zhi's life slowly changes him, as he is drawn to her simple and innocent nature. The once unfeeling man begins to lose his composure for his wife, jeopardizing the position he's built up. Between his grand ambitions and the woman he loves, how will he choose?

  • The Untamed
    3. The Untamed

    Chinese Drama - 2019, 50 episodes


    A masterful drama adaptation of the incredible BL novel: Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, The Untamed managed to maintain the integrity of the original story and convey the relationship between the main characters of We WuXian and Lan WangJi, in-spite of the censorship laws in China.

    I applaud the directors and producer for ensuring they preserve the magical feel between LWJ and WWX without having to set the relationship.  Hats off to Xiao Zhan and Wang YiBo for their undeniable chemistry, allowing viewers to see the love between their characters. The longing glances, all the unspoken words and unfinished sentences, the emotion in their eyes and body language in their interactions spoke volumes to the love they feel for each other. These two are magic, both on-screen and off! <3

    The entire production crew and cast put in an incredible amount of work into this wonderful production and are very deserving of every bit of praise and popularity garnered. They truly captured the hearts of viewers around the world. This production has everything: an amazing story, spectacular acting performances from the perfect cast, beautiful cinematography from start to finish, stunning sets, incredible fight sequences and special effects, and a beautiful soundtrack and perfect music scores to accompany every scene.

    Whether you've read the novel or not, you'll fall instantly in love with this drama from the first episode. I know I did!

  • Le Coup de Foudre
    4. Le Coup de Foudre

    Chinese Drama - 2019, 35 episodes


    This is probably the most heartwarming and charming  drama I've ever seen. Adapted from an autobiographical novel: I don't like this world, I only like you, Le Coup de Foudre tells the love story of the Author and her husband in the characters Qiao Yi and Yan Mo, respectively. We follow their narration of how they find their way back to each other after falling in love in high school and then separating. 

    The drama utilizes a flashback method for the telling of their youth to adulthood. As we are invited to experience key moments in their lives, we get more in-depth perspective of their feelings at those particular moments in time as the couple narrate their love and life journey, and in the process, we see how these experiences and relationships with key people in their lives, have shaped the couple into the people they are today. This drama is much more than just a love story, it touches upon many relatable topics of family dynamics/relationships, friendships, and just life, in general. 

    Janice WuQian and Zhang YuJian share unbelievably natural chemistry together such that every moment together felt real and genuine, bringing to life the Author and her husband's beautiful love story.

    An incredibly heartfelt and touching drama that evokes feelings and emotions out of you every second of every episode, and with the perfect soundtrack to accompany it, you'd be a fool not to watch this.

  • Down With Love
    5. Down With Love

    Taiwanese Drama - 2010, 16 episodes


    They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. These words don't ring truer then for Xiang Yu Ping, the cut throat, handsome lawyer who meets his match when he hires a tomboy nanny, Yang Guo, to care for his niece and nephew.  Moved by her sincere and kind heart, the once unfeeling lawyer falls helplessly in love with Yang Guo and finds himself acting and behaving in ways he never thought possible. 

    An adorable romantic comedy that has you smiling like a goof at how precious Jerry Yan's Yu Ping gets as he pines over Ella Chen's cute, but naive and innocent, Yan Guo. 

    Xiang Yu Ping and Yang Guo make me reminisce about the days I would squeal over seeing Jerry and Ella together. Leave it to Ella to be the only one to bring out the cute and fun side of the notoriously introverted Jerry Yan. It literally felt like fiction turned reality for these two and you could never tell their characters apart from their real live selves when they were together. <3

  • It Started with a Kiss
    6. It Started with a Kiss

    Taiwanese Drama - 2005, 20 episodes


    It is one of the original adaptations of the famous Japanese manga, Itazura Na Kiss. In the Taiwanese drama adaptation, Yuan Xiang Qing's life changes forever when she finds herself living under the same roof of her crush, Jiang Zhi Shu. And little by little, through her persistence and unwavering love for him, she breaches into his heart and moves him, allowing him to experience emotions and situations he's never experienced until she entered his life.

    I've probably seen all the drama/movie/anime adaptations there are of this manga and to this day, It Started with a Kiss remains my absolute favourite version. They nailed the telling of the story to perfection. The entire cast was stellar and to me, Ariel and Joe are the living embodiment of Kotoko and Naoki, respectively. Their unbelievable performance left such a deep impression on me that I can't help myself from comparing every new version to this adaptation and their portrayals. 

    In my personal opinion, this drama has one of the best overall soundtracks for a drama. The songs and lyrics fit exceptionally well into every scene and they have easy melodies to love.

  • They Kiss Again
    7. They Kiss Again

    Taiwanese Drama - 2007, 20 episodes


    It is the continuation of It Started With a Kiss, where we follow the young couple navigate through marriage as they attempt to balance their married life with their studies.

  • A Taste of Love
    8. A Taste of Love

    Hong Kong Drama - 2001, 25 episodes


    A romantic comedy about a kind and innocent kindergarten teacher, Joyce, who has her life changed when she inherits the majority interest of her late father's troubled seafood restaurant. Determined to keep it a float, she decides to personally take on the challenge of managing the restaurant, much to the chagrin of the minority owner, "Ha Tau", and his mother who had intentions of selling the ailing restaurant. Unbeknownst to them, Joyce is his older half-sister, the daughter of his late father's mistress.  

    Despite the troubles her brother and the staff try to cause, her determination to turn the restaurant around leads her to seek out the highly skilled and talented chef, Ma Yau, for help as head chef. He is quick to reject her invitation and it was after much difficulty he finally accepts the position because of his own personal connection to her late father. His attitude and rigid ways create new challenges for her, but she would later discover his cold demeanor and dark outlook on life was entirely shaped by his bitter childhood and a painful breakup in a relationship he has yet to pull himself out from.  

    Through Joyce's positivity and inherent optimism, she slowly influences the people around her and changes everyone for the better; in the process, she gains a family, new friends, and a blossoming love where she least expected it. But will Ma Yau's past relationship put a wedge between the two when his ex-girlfriend reappears in his life and he learns their breakup was all due to a misunderstanding? 

    This drama has it all! A perfect cast, great acting, great characters, great story-line, and great music. It is the perfect combination of a food/cooking theme with romance and family drama. I've re-watched this drama dozens and dozens of times and each time is just as good as the first!