Favorite Actors

Mica Sep 28, 2017
  • Moon Chae Won

    South Korean

    She's been my favorite actress as long as I can remember. Probably because "Innocent man" is one of the first dramas I've seen. Even if we put that aside, she always played strong characters, I believe that's one of the main reasons for liking her. 

  • Jo Jung Suk

    South Korean

    He makes me fall head over heels in every character he plays.. Shame on him xP

  • Kim Ji Won

    South Korean

     I adore her ever since Gap Dong, and I'm so thrilled that she finally gets more lead roles. She's amazing in rom-coms, props for that. 

  • So Ji Sub

    South Korean

    On my favorites ever since I've seen "Ghost". Is he handsome?! Yes. Can he act?! Yes. What more could a fangirl ask for. ♥

  • Hwang Jung Eum

    South Korean

    Many may disagree, but i think she's great. She was accused of overacting many times, drama stylists never do her justice.. Imo I don't think there's another actress who could have as near as good performance she had in her biggest dramas "Kill me, heal me" and "Secret". 

  • Ji Sung

    South Korean

    One of the most versatile actors out there, just loveeee him so damn much <3

    [If you're handsome, you're my oppa] 

  • Song Hye Kyo

    South Korean

    There's something about her, I often say that she's Korean Rachel McAdams. She's pretty ippeun that can act!

  • Lee Joon Gi

    South Korean

     Ever since drama "My girl" in which he broke my heart into 1000 pieces he's been someone whom I just can't ignore. His drama choices though.. He's never chosen badly. 

  • Song Joong Ki

    South Korean

    With those puppy eyes, there's just no way someone wouldn't be swooned by him. ;) 

  • Nishikido Ryo


    There's not much to say, J-drama/movie will definitely be good if Ryo plays lead character. He's amazing like that. ^^

  • Park Bo Gum

    South Korean

    If Bo Gum cries it breaks my heart, if he smiles my heart can't take that either.. *eotteoke* He's too precious.