Drama/Film: My Firsts

hideyourheart 2 days ago

KDrama: That Man Oh Soo
KDrama (first completed): I'm Not A Robot
KMovie: My P.S. Partner
JDrama: Million Yen Women
JMovie: By Chance
TaiDrama: Meet Me @ 1006
TaiMovie: Fall in Love at First Kiss
ThaiDrama: SOTUS
ThaiDrama (first completed): Love By Chance
ThaiMovie: Teacher's Diary
CDrama: Love O2O
CDrama (first completed): The Untamed
CMovie: The Living Dead

  • I’m Not a Robot
    I’m Not a Robot

    Korean Drama - 2017

    First drama that I completed around the time of the beginning of my drama addiction.

  • 100-manen no Onna-tachi
    100-manen no Onna-tachi

    Japanese Drama - 2017

    Very first jdrama that I watched via a recommendation by my friends' mother.

  • My P.S. Partner
    My P.S. Partner

    Korean Movie - 2012

    First kfilm ever watched.

  • By Chance
    By Chance

    Japanese Movie - 2018

    First jfilm ever watched. Takuya Terida was the reason for this one and he did not disappoint.

  • Meet Me @ 1006
    Meet Me @ 1006

    Taiwanese Drama - 2018

    First taidrama ever watched and I quickly fell in love with this storyline and the characters.

  • Fall in Love at First Kiss
    Fall in Love at First Kiss

    Taiwanese Movie - 2019

  • Sotus The Series
    Sotus The Series

    Thai Drama - 2016

    Recommended to be by multiple friends, really glad I gave it a go.

  • Love by Chance
    Love by Chance

    Thai Drama - 2018

    Recommendation from a friend. Such a wonderful drama!

  • Teacher's Diary
    Teacher's Diary

    Thai Movie - 2014

    Received a recommendation from a member on MDL and had to give it a go!

  • Love O2O
    Love O2O

    Chinese Drama - 2016

    First ever Chinese drama that I began watching.

  • The Untamed
    The Untamed

    Chinese Drama - 2019

    First Chinese drama completed and the one that made me miss it the most once it was over. One of the best dramas I have ever seen.

  • The Living Dead
    The Living Dead

    Chinese Movie - 2019

    First Chinese film completed and it's absolutely amazing!