Favorite Actresses List #2 (like, but don't follow as much)

pale moonlight Jan 21, 2018

This is a list of actresses different from my other Favorite Actresses list as the actresses in this list are people that I like because of their personalities and their appearances on variety/reality shows, but their acting needs improvement. Or I like their acting but I don't follow their projects or activities enough to deem myself a big fan (yet). 

  • Dilraba Dilmurat


    Reba is very pretty, but the only two roles of hers that I've enjoyed so far are Feng Jiu from Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms and Gao Wen from Diamond Lovers. Neither roles gave her much space to showcase her skills, but she was good in them. Didn't watch The King's Woman because the plot was completely not my cup of tea so I don't know how she did in that. Hope to see her in more diverse roles. Also really love watching her on Keep Running. 

  • Li Qin


    A pretty good actress so far from what I've seen of her acting in White Deer Plain and Princess Agents. She even got good critical praise for her role in White Deer Plain so I think the public likes her acting too. 

  • Angelababy

    Hong Konger

    Gets a lot of hate for her acting, which I must say, isn't that great. She seems to suit roles in modern dramas and not historical dramas, since I thought her acting was actually not bad in modern Chinese movies. She does have an adorable and likable personality though, and I also like seeing her on Keep Running. 

  • Yang Zi


    One of the better post-90's actresses!! She got lots of good praise for her roles in Battle of Changsha and Ode to Joy. I still remember seeing her back when I used to watch Home With Kids and she was still a child actress. Not really liking the synopsis to most of her upcoming dramas though. 

  • Zhou Dong Yu


    I've only seen her in one drama and on drama, and she was very good in both (my personal opinion). She is deemed as a good movie actress in China, except I haven't seen many of her works yet because I don't really like Chinese movies. Hopefully she picks up more dramas in the future. 

  • Zheng Shuang


    A pretty not-so-great actress, although can sometimes be decent in her acting. However, I really like her personality, but her acting needs improvement.