Upcoming Chinese dramas in 2020

Sorted by release dates

Release dates can change, I will try to keep it updated

I know this list is enormous. The main reason is mostly that Chinese dramas Release dates tend to come up out of nowhere, and there are a large amount of pre-produced dramas waiting to air, and for each year, that goes by this list will become larger and large sorry about that.

And You have the political reasons for some dramas not coming out and regulations that change every year, so I am still hoping for some of the dramas put on the shelf will someday come out. As I am an optimist, I put those dramas in the current upcoming year list.

And one of these days, when I have time, I will try and make a separate list for dramas that are on the shelf, but for now, I will keep them on this list.

Anyway, I mostly look around for news every other day or so for this list dates will be updated regularly at the top of the list.

Santouryou Mar 11, 2019
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