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Favorite Actors
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Both favourite actresses and my favourite actors in no order

Top TOP Favourites
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Favourites of the favourites ????In order of how much I enjoyed it, was addicted, and was destroyed after finishing it 

Favorite Dramas
33 0

The dramas that I found most addictive and enjoyable, with the highest ratings and rewatch values, that really made my heart flutter. (NOT IN…

Historical/Period Dramas
27 0

In order of time watched

Full Drama List
141 0

All dramas I've watched in order.

Korean Dramas
92 0

Full list of all the Korean Dramas I completed, in order.

Chinese Dramas
14 0

Full drama list of all the Chinese dramas I've watched in order.

Asian Movies
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All the asian movies I've watched

Thai Dramas (Lakorns)
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Full Thai drama list in order.

Fantasy/Supernatural Dramas
32 0

List of all the fantasy/supernatural dramas I've watched in order.

Dramas That Made Me Cry
12 0

Just the dramas which broke my shell and at one or more points made me cry and sob like a hopeless whale. It's ranked, so that the first…

Best/Cutest Romance
30 0

Best and most adorable romance couples with the most chemistry.Basically my personal favourite couples.In order of time watched.

Most Cringe Worthy Dramas
5 0

List of the dramas with the most and worst cringe worthy second hand embarrassment scenes that I were torture to watch.

Best Female Characters
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My favourite female characters from all the dramas I've watched in order of time watched.

Taiwanese Dramas
12 0

Full list of all the Taiwanese dramas I completed in order.

Most Hilarious Dramas
9 0

List of the dramas which made me laugh the most in order from most funniest to least funniest. These dramas are responsible for the times where…

Japanese Dramas
6 0

List of all the japanese dramas I completed in order.

Rich attractive Chaebol, Poor Ordinary Girl
25 0

Dramas with the kind of plot the title of this list suggests.