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Lawless Attorney
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by 3GGG

Jul 12, 2018
16 of 16 episodes seen
Overall 10
Story 9.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 10.0
PLOT: Action-driven & engaging
For a revenge story involving political corruption, Lawless Lawyer is surprisingly optimistic. Although perhaps calling it revenge is misleading. After all, Bong Sang Pil --our charismatic main lead-- makes clear from the start that he's not seeking revenge, but justice. This point is emphasized throughout the series, separating an instinctive reaction (revenge and anger) from an emotional action (ensuring the end of corruption for the greater good).

In that respect, the story is quite simple. The main protagonists are aware of who the antagonists are from the get-go. Therefore, they have a clear goal and the only thing left to discover is how to solve the problem at hand. Fortunately, the plot wasn't drawn out unnecessarily or bogged down with an overload of melodrama. There was just the right amount of action, comedy, intrigue, drama, and romance to keep the series pretty light. This means that this is a series you can easily binge-watch.

Bong Sang Pil (male lead): his character was one of the biggest surprises, refreshingly so. He proved to be a well rounded and balanced character. On the one hand, he can take care of himself in a fight without breaking a sweat, he's confident and charming. On the other, he's straightforward, honest, emotional and fearful of risking people to achieve his goal. Bong Sang Pil is not perfect. He makes plenty of mistakes and, most importantly, he is held accountable for all of them.

Ha Jae Yi (female lead): her character was also refreshingly consistent. She was introduced with a bang, which set the foundation of her character. But unlike the fates of the female leads in other dramas, she never loses that badass quality. Like Bong Sang Pil, she's a balanced character. Equal amounts capable and emotional; Ha Jae was not only very mature and rational throughout most of the series, but she was also very gentle and nurturing towards Bong Sang Pil (who loved every second of it!). She's also someone who's confident in her knowledge and ability, but who's also humble enough to accept she doesn't have all the answers. When Bong Sang Pil puts her knowledge to the test, she's open-minded enough to tackle every uncomfortable issue head-on, unwilling to compromise the truth for the sake of convenience.

Antagonists and enemies were very fleshed out. I don't want to go into detail so you can meet and discover them yourself (else I end up spoiling something). I'll just add that they were all shades of grey (to a different degree), corrupted by a system that allowed it so. I know some people found some of the acting awkward, but I didn't mind it at all. Sure, some characters were a bit cartoony in their portrayal but that just made it fun! There were also quite a number of support characters, but their involvement didn't detract or took away the focus from the main characters.

PORTRAYAL OF ROMANCE: Healthy, nurturing and balanced
This is an important point for me when watching dramas with romance in them. In this case, the relationship progressed fast but naturally. The chemistry between the leads was off the chart, which helped weave their romance into the story without it feeling forced or disruptive. Here are some of the highlights:

1) Bong Sang Pil was very sweet towards Ha Jae from the start and there's a good reason for it.
2) The chemistry between the leads was depicted through subtle, yet natural gestures. You could tell how much he valued her with every look and smile he gave her. You could tell how much she valued him whenever she caressed his arm and squeezed his shoulder.
3) The relationship between the leads was nurturing. They were partners in an equal give and take relationship. When Bong Sang Pil was vulnerable, Ha Jae supported him, when she was weak, he was there to keep her whole. It was incredibly balanced and satisfying because they both had something to gain from being together.

OVERALL: Solid 10
The art direction was great: from the framing to the colors to the music... everything worked. The action scenes were also very good, coordinated and well choreographed. All the characters brought something to the table and I found myself unable to hate anyone. Even the antagonists were interesting to watch because they each followed a clear set of morals and rules. Though the ending was a bit anticlimactic, it still provided all that it set out to accomplish. Though there were some loose ends, I suspect it was done intentionally in the hopes of getting a second season (which I personally wouldn't mind).

Overall I still give it a solid 10 and would definitely watch it again.
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