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 I enjoy Anime, movie, drama, shows. I love all Asian entertainments; I am from Asia. However I have deep affection towards Japan. I got introduced to Japanese pictures screen by my Mom who was a fan of Oshin,  Hanekonma(splash piece) Jdrama the first time. These two drama remained in my ❤ for good. 

My favorite anime: Akira, my neighbor totoro, spirited away, grave of the fireflies, vampire Hunter D, short peace, giovannis island, sweet punch, hal, tokyo godfather, paprika, perfect blue, princess mononoke, castle in the sky, and wolf children many more. 

My favorite movies: the taste of a tea(J), 3-iron(K),  innocent steps(K), nobody knows(J), departure(J), spring-summer-fall-winter-spring(K), our little sister(J), the classic(K), bow and kiss(J) , memories of murder(K), from me to you(J), my sassy girl(K), my little bride(K), orange(J), 200 pounds(K), the Handmaiden(K), first love(Thi), must be love(philip), love you you(ch), hello stranger(Thi), suddenly it is magic(Thi), norwegian wood(J), koizora(J), close range love(J), the road home(Ch), lust, caution(Ch), house of  flying draggers(Ch), not one less(Ch), the night come for us(Indon), lovely man(Indon), habibie & ainun(Indon), my stupid boss(Indon) and many more.

My favorite drama hahahah???????? shouldn't give you headache, it is enough before you run away from here hehhehe.

I like to watch movies as of living in that country or way of understanding their society, culture, and off course fun elements, using my imagination so I have a lot of respect for movies and sure Tv series.


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