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two different places at once :)


two different places at once :)
Jealousy Incarnate
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by 94loveKdrama

Nov 23, 2016
24 of 24 episodes seen
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Overall 10
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 10.0
The target of the age group I think would be into 20's and above I mean it would be more relatable to that age bracket this is not a drama that filled with sweet candies. No. 24 episodes seems a lot for a romcom right? But no this drama is special. Yes a special kind of romcom. The plot is about love, relationship, choosing, complicated situation, life and the one that I appreciate the most is the career how they attack that field really strikes into me that I could totally relate. This drama is very hilarious! Believe me. Out of the dramas I've seen this is the funniest Lol...XD it would even make you confuse like am I supposed to laugh or not?lol Acting: The characters were all played well beyond everything that is good. Jo Jung Suk is such a great actor, awesome and there's a bonus... his swag!!! so far this is the best drama of him. Gong Hyo Jin is always been awesome as usual. Supporting cast were all lovable too! Let's talk about characters: Lee Hwa Shin? Ofc in a dramaland it's given that male lead must be jerk. Yes he is. Out of the male lead jerk characters I've seen he's the best among them all, words are not enough to describe why. Hahanahha. XD No one can beat the overflowing confidence he have for himself. lol Jeung Won? Yes the typical 2nd lead kind of guy that every girl would fall for. Male lead and 2nd lead characters of it seems so typical in dramaland right? But what will happen if there's a twist? A change of situation like how it feels like for the second lead to get a taste of being male lead and vise versa. Are you curious now and interested? Now you'll get to know more of it and understand once you watch this drama.^^ Pyo Na Ri: a lovable female lead that is very persistent in everything I meant it in a positive way. Aside from the main role I'll give shout out to Chi Yeol and Beom character they are my favorite^^ This drama is filled with triangles. Yes. With an "s" lots of triangle relationship that you have to look forward. All the characters are lovable and likeable, every kind of relationship.. wait... umm. some could be annoying at times but at the end of the day that annoyance will turn into like as always :) Ost: The ost perfectly suits to the situation like it could be hilarious, serious, sincere, love and sexy!!! XD Rewatch: definitely! Totally deserves a rating of 10. You know what makes it special? Usually a genre that is filled with laughter or romance (yah romcom. lol) could give butterflies into our tummies, random feels but let's admit it most romcom, the foundation of the story of is kinda weak, lacking but Jealousy Incarnate manage to overcome that kind of struggle and relay a wonderful and genuine kind of message . Best drama of 2016. Great way to watch it before the year ends^^ This is a kind of drama that you would not want to let go once you're close to the ending. I'll miss everything about it. Ps: being jealous could not be bad you know. Wink
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