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two different places at once :)


two different places at once :)
The Master's Sun
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by 94loveKdrama

Oct 4, 2013
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Overall 10
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 10.0
First let me tell you how I met master's sun: when I first saw the teaser from watching I hear your voice, I thought it's creepy; a pure horror story and didn't make me interested. Then when I visited this page in mdl I look into the cast when I saw the main girl I was like: " oh the girl from the greatest love, why her?" (don't get me wrong I don't hate her..XD) then when I saw seo in guk *makes me a little happy, but when I knew he was not the main guy I was like "why not him?" In short the cast still didn't make me interested. Then I scroll some more and look into the genre and oh there's a romance in it!! then I was like what? comedy too??? is it possible? it's weird, kinda NEW for me and by that it makes me interested and look into this drama I'n short I met this drama not because of the teaser, the cast but because of the genre and the comments too!:> NOW HERE'S MY REVIEW AND LET ME TELL YOU HOW IT BECAME VERY SPECIAL TO ME! :'D feelings/story: It made me scream then after some minutes it made me laugh,it gave me the feeling of: NEVER FELT THIS GOOD FROM A DRAMA FOR SOOO LONG! I MISS THIS KIND OF FEELING! IT WAS FUN!!! this is the FIRST DRAMA that made me scared and laugh at the same time. that's how it hooked me!! It made me look forward into days, is it wed? Is it Thursday already? is the eng sub out? where is the preview? as the episode progress it keeps on getting BETTER,SWEET,FUNNIER and the scary moments lessens :) so for those who are a scaredy cat like me DON'T HESITATE to watch this drama! this drama also made me cry not only because of the painful moments but also because of the SUPEEEER DAEBAK SWEET MOMENT that made my HEAR BEAT POUND LOUDER, my HEART FLUTTERS, smile like this ^____________________^ crying from OVERFLOWING EMOTIONS!! ghost? SOME are scary but once you get to know their story it's heart warming :) acting cast: after watching few episodes My first impression from the cast CHANGED in just a SNAP!!! SO JI SUB? I know him but this is really the first drama that I saw him act. Then I was like omg SO JI SUB OPPA IS SOOOO HANDSOME!! HE IS SUCH A GREAT AND FUNNY ACTOR! HE EVEN MADE IT TO MY OPPA OF THE MONTH!! GONG HYO JIN? ~omoooooo!! what a great and cute actress I didn't notice her acting skill in the greatest love.. but here in the master's sun it's DAEBAAAAAAAK!!! SHE EVEN MADE IT INTO MY FAVORITE ACTRESS!!!! as the episode progress: I get closer to the 2 MAIN CAST!!! the CHEMISTRY between them is VERY, VERY, VERY, NATURAL it's SPARKLING AND SHINING!!! just seeing them acting together adds spice in Master's sun! that is one of the ASSETS of this drama!! out of hundreds of love team I've seen THEY ARE DEFINITELY THE BEST! NO ONE CAN BEAT THEM IN MY HEART!! I'm really SHIPPING for this pair the SOGONG couple!! this is my FIRST TIME too, getting addicted to a couple and wishing for them to be a REAL LOVERS AND GET MARRIED! if that happens I would be the HAPPIEST!! supporting roles: SECRETARY AJHUSSI? ~omooooo!! one of my favorite secretary!! kang woo and tae ri yang? you should not miss them too!! cheap mouth and the sister? they are soo funny..XD the 2 CUTE KIDS: ~omoooo!! they are soo cute and very lovable makes me want to squeeze a very good actors :) Uncle and the aunt :) the coffee ghost and trash can ajhussi: they are soooo LIKABLE! and of course cha hee joo the bitch who is a great actress and made me hate her. lol!!! ALL OF THEM ARE AWESOME!!! OST? ~kyaaaaaaaa!!! just thinking about the OST!! it's DAAAEBAK!!! I EVEN DOWNLOADED ALL THE OST THAT"S HOW GOOD IT IS!! it even top the charts!!! I like EVERYTHING!! THE MELODY, THE TUNE, THE BEAT, THE VOICE, THE FEELING OF THE SONG, THE SINGER!! It PERFECTLY FITS the emotion!!! the ost saves me from missing this drama by listening to it! RE-WATCHED VALUE? PERFECT 10!! I'll never get tired of watching it and 'll definitely marathon this one again!! OVERALL?? this drama is VERY SPECIAL to me, it's PERFECT, A MASTERPIECE, AWESOME, DAEBAK, AMAZING and definitely MUST WATCH, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those who are into ROM-COM!!! BIG THANKS TO HONG SISTER for making an EPIC and MEMORABLE DRAMA!! I'M GONNA MISS THIS DRAMA SOOOOOO MUCH AND also the CAST especially the SOGONG COUPLE!T.T This is my longest review ever lol. PS:I hope it helps you to look into this drama! for now, KYEOJJO!:>
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