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您好, Hallo, Bonjour, Hei, Ahoj, Halo, 안녕하세요, Konichiwa, Hola, Olá, Xinchào, హలో, สวัสดี


I'm Ariana. I am Twenty years old.  & you can call me Ari for short.

↬ Interests: Editing, reading, reviewing, watching dramas, discussing dramas, gaming, computer surfing, anime, manhwa, webtoon & manga reading, learning Japanese.

I hate intense sad stories, but if it is interesting I try to watch to my best ability.

Language I am currently learning: Japanese. (and I love it) 


 Myanimelist //  Actors/Actresses to look out for list //  Favorite Actors/Actresses list //  Favorite Movies so far .



❣ Favorite Genre(s)/Themes: Romance(especially) most of the things i tend to pick up as well as read have to do with romance, you can call me a bit of an addict. 

↬ Others Include:School, Fantasy, Supernatural, Comedy, Sports, etc

Least favorite Genre: Horror.

First Drama: Playful Kiss.

Last Drama Finished: A Love so Beautiful

Last Movie Finished: Heartbeat Love

Favorite Non Asian TV show of all time: Gossip Girl & Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Favorite Anime of all time: Inuyasha.

 Favorite  Movie: Spirited Away.

Artists I love: Heize, BLACKPINK,  BewhY, 4minute, Red Velvet, Lim Kim, CL, Rainie Yang ♚, EXO-K, BTS, Sunmi, Ailee, Jung Jaewon, Ikimono Gakari, Kisum, BTOB♡

Favorite video game series: LOZ.




I also review  (You said that already jeez ari).. most of the time, so look out for that :)  

If i haven't bored you to death, keep reading along. ^_^ Otherwise, you can stop now.




I started watching dramas like about.. a few months ago (2012 or possibly earlier), after i couldn't find anymore anime to watch. I hated subbed anything, so i would only watch dubbed shows. But that's when i came across Playful Kiss while i was watching Netflix and realized that i could watch subbed shows and actually be okay with it.  

Since then i kept on watching more and more dramas. At the time, majority of the dramas that I watched were in Taiwanese. After a while I moved onto other dramas in Korean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, etc. 

I am a bit biased towards Taiwanese dramas, I blame my favorite actress Rainie Yang for making me so addicted. xD 

Fun note: To this day i still use subtitles even on american shows where people are speaking English(my dominant language).

P.S: Feel free to give me more and more dramas to watch. ~

Rainie Yang is my favorite actress/Queen <3

I've loved her since Devil Beside You, which sits on my favorite dramas list as number one. She is the reason I absolutely love Taiwanese dramas. I haven't as of yet seen all of her dramas, as some are super hard to find but I am her super fan ♥. In addition to her talent on screen, she has a lovely voice to listen to. Check out Rainie's music if you haven't!



Lee Jong Suk is my favorite actor.    

He's just an all around amazing actor. It isn't just about how beautiful looking he is but how talented he is on screen. He knows how to capture/demand attention of the viewer and keep it on his role. I think the first time I came across Lee Jong Suk was in Secret Garden. I look forward to all his future dramas/movies.



. ᴅʀᴀᴍᴀ ᴍᴇᴍᴏʀɪᴇs .

May contain MINOR spoil.

Devil Beside You (#1 Favorite)♥.

"I have a strong feeling that I will love you for the rest of my life" ~Ahmon


Kill Me Heal Me ♥.

"If you're good looking, then you are my oppa" ~ Yo Na

"January 7, 2015 10 p.m. that's the moment I fell for you" ~Shin Se Ge


Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo .

"She's still a woman even if she does weightlifting" ~Bok Joo's Uncle

"I'm yours so I have to listen to you" ~Joon Hyun


Goblin ♥.

Favorite drama character: Eun Tak and Reaper

" Meeting you was the reward of my life" ~ Kim Shin/Goblin


School 2015. ♥

"I was angry because I liked her" ~Han Yi Ahn


Love in the Moonlight. ♥

“Whether you see it from the palace or from Banchon, the moon is still the same right? Even if I am Crown Prince, and you are who you are, we will be alright wherever we are as long as our hearts feel the same. Just like the moon” ~Lee Yeong "Crown Prince"


Love o2o. ♥

"Since I'm a married man now it would be inappropriate for me to fix another girl's computer" ~Xiao Nai


Sungkyunkwan Scandal. 

Favorite drama character in this drama: Moon Jae Shin (can't forget about him v.v)

"Because of you… I’ve done all the things I never thought I could do." ~Lee Sung Joon


Adding more later ~ 


-10: Amazing drama/movie, I recommend. Nothing to complain about here ~

 -9: Woah that was great. There was something missing, but good nonetheless.

 -8: Very Good. A couple of things missing, something bothered me or too draggy towards the end.(common score)

 -7: Good/Enjoyable but still far from being perfect.

 -6: Above Average/"Okay" - could have been but could have been way better in more than a few aspects.

 -5: Totally Average. Not Amazing, Not Horrible. Just meh. Wasn't enough to keep me satisfied.

 -4: Below Average. Enough said here.

 -3: There's nothing interesting or exciting enough here. Very Bad. Many things wrong not enough right.

-2 A step up from a disaster, but still un-watchable. Somehow i managed to finish but it won't leave a good impression. (don't recommend)

 -1:Why didn't I drop this sooner? Complete disaster. Waste of your time & mine.(rare score)(I don't recommend)

-0/Dropped: I took too long of a break and can't go back or it was just too bad that i couldn't continue.

P.S.S. my advice to those watching dramas but aren't sure if they should watch it because of the reviews. Just watch the drama if it interests you~ What might be horrible to others, could be a favorite to you. :]'

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