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I'm Ash ^_^ and I am basically K-Popand K-Drama trash & a WANNA ONE and PRODUCE 101 enthusiast

I also love Anime and Japanese movies & Dramas, I also like other types of dramas but K-Dramas are my favourite :p I have loads of favourite K-Pop Groups so I won't be able to list them all but I'll list my UB groups -BTS♡GOT7♡NCT/SMROOKIES♡WANNA ONESHINEE♡EXO♡INFINITE♡B.A.P♡IKON♡MONSTA X♡SEVENTEEN♡ASTROPENTAGONDAY6

My first K-drama's were actually K-pop idol dramas - My first proper drama was High School Love On! starring two members from one of my absolute favourite groups, Infinite, Woohyun and Sungyeol ♡♡ 

My first non idol K-drama was Healer, I was quite reluctant to watch it at first because I'd never seen any that hadn't starred a K-pop idol BUT IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS OF MY LIFE (or worst...) BECAUSE IT STARTED MY KDRAMA OBSESSION <3 I haven't fully updated my list bc I can't really remember all the drama's I have seen which is quite annoying, I should've made a DramaList account ages ago to keep track -.- Oh wellllll

I'm Currently watching Age of Youth Season 2! I'm a massive Age of Youth enthusiast <3 so I'm SOSOSOSO HAPPY THERES A SEASON 2! although there have been a few casting changes and one character was removed from last season, the drama still exudes the same vibe and I've fallen in love with it all over again :3 I absolutely adored the first season and it is one of the best kdramas, if not, the best kdrama I have ever watched~ I have never seen the second season of any kdrama before so I'm slightly anxious of how it will turn out as i haven't heard of any second seasons of kdramas with good reputations but if the drama continues as it is now, it may end up being one of my favourite kdramas to date! 


I also really love Wanna One and my Produce 101 boys, and my ultimate bias is Park Jihoon <3

He's literally my everything ~ I love the smol bean :3



So yeah, that's me! :)

I hope to find many friends here to talk about drama's with :)

Please give me drama recommendations because I always struggle on what to watch next because there are so many I want to watch! :S




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