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I never really like writing these little bio thingies and almost always tend to leave them blank or keep them short. This is mainly because I am constantly changing, growing and gathering new interests and obsessions. Therefore I will always feel like things are missing from this little portfolio thing. Rather with a minimalistic bio, I prefer that netizens find out more about me through my activity like what I watch, post, like or talk about. That way my "introduction" stays wholesome, fresh and up-to-date I guess hehe.


In short: I am an otaku and I invest a large amount of my time on games (otomae included) and embracing and obsessing over various media ranging from dramas and anime to youtube videos, manga and manhwa/webtoons. You have been warned!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BlueMcFlurry

I frequently tweet, so feel free to follow and find amusement in my sporadic, haphazard life between college and internet.


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