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Sweet Revenge
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by BubblesofRandomness

12 days ago
22 of 22 episodes seen
Overall 6.0
Story 6.5
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 5.5
Rewatch Value 4.0
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A girl starts a new year at school but trouble soon finds its way into her teen life, then almost magically an app appears on her phone, 'Revenge Note'. When she enters someone's name on the app misfortune falls on that person. The app is not actually a main part of the story, it's a very exaggerated high school teen life story, which of course includes a bit of romance. This drama seemed very promising to start with, I liked the main protagonists and the story was interesting but I'm afraid to say it went nowhere (hence the lack of stars), which was disappointing as I did really quite like it. The two major plotlines I was interested in was what happened with Cha Eun Woo (member of Astro who plays himself in the show, quite a bit of time was devoted to him at the beginning and then his storyline wasn't even slightly resolved ????) and who is the master of the Revenge Note (you don't find out, even right at the end it teases you about this and it just made me really angry ????). If you are watching because Cha Eun Woo is a main character, he isn't, he is most definitely a part of the supporting cast (he isn't even in all the episodes). It makes me a bit angry (doing that quite a bit today lol) because it seems like they are just trying to get more viewers by advertising this handsome idol is a main star when he's not ????. Anyway, the good news is if you like Eun Woo you may be a fan of Astro and the whole group makes an appearance! That was definitely the highlight of the series for me! Although Eun Woo is not on screen as much I would have liked, when he is, the show seems 10 times better and he is pretty much perfect (yet another reason why his story being cut short is annoying). I'm also doing something I never thought I would, I'm giving a whole star just for Eun Woo ???? cos he deserves it ????. Finally, episode 12 is just a recap of the entire season, which made the teaser for who the master of the Revenge Note was at the end of the previous episode infuriating, I actually thought we would get the answer in the last episode but there was no payoff, it was just a recap! ???? #Anger #Infuriated #Disappointed
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