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United States

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Unfortunate sufferer of second lead syndrome
Friend requests are very welcome!

Crushing on these men pretty hard right now  ♥
I have it extra bad for Ji Soo at the moment

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♥  Ships:

• Tae Gong Shil / Joo Joong Won ( Master's Sun )
• Heo Jun / Seo Ri ( Mirror Of The Witch )
• Wang So / Hae Soo ( Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo )
• Shin Ji Hyun / Hang Kang ( 49 Days )
• Lee Eun Bi / Kong Tae Gwang ( Who Are You: School 2015 )
• Kang Yeon Doo / Seo Ha Joon ( Sassy Go Go )
• Heo Joon Jae / Shim Chung ( Legend Of The Blue Sea )
• Kim Bok Joo / Jung Joon Hyeong ( Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo )
• Goblin / Ji Eun Tak ( Goblin )
• In Gook Doo / Do Bong Soon ( Strong Woman Do Bong Soon )
• Han Woo Tak/Nam Hong Ju ( While You Were Sleeping )

Honorable mentions:
 Wang Jung / Hae Soo ( Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo )
Kim Yoon Sung / Hong Ra On ( Love In The Moonlight )
Yoonkook / Taekook ( BTS ) 

Okay, I ship Ji Soo with every potential love interest...

First Movie: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
First Drama: MARS
Favorite Genres: Romance, Supernatural, Psychological, Thriller, Historical, Suspense, Comedy, Science Fiction, Horror, Tragedy, Action, Mature, Disaster
Least Favorite Genres: Sports, Business, Law, Military, Music, Food

My rating system:

   8-9: ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. It made me squee, cry and/or laugh
   7: it was pretty decent, there were some good cute and/or funny parts
   6: enjoyed it but I won't be rewatching or anything
   4-5: meh, I'm glad it's over
   2-3: hated it, never want to think about it again
   1: absolutely terrible, not worth thinking about and will not recommend under any circumstances


 great chemistry, unique concepts, good kissing,
 unpredictable plot twists, unhappy endings,
 time travel, happy endings, great acting, bromance


open eyed kisses, wrist grabbing, whiny adults, repetitive OSTs,
unconvincing couples, bad acting, happy endings, predictability,
static kisses, unhappy endings, bad CGI, blurred knives


Jeon Jungkook  








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