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Hello there, Le Petit Poisson here! I am a junior in college, studying web and digital media development (concentration in design). I am a January baby and proud to be an Aquarius. I am currently obsessed watching Korean dramas, however I do stray to other Asian dramas. 

My whole life does not only revolve around dramas. I enjoy other things such as drawing, reading, diys, being a passenger in the car, and taking nature walks to be one with the nature. I enjoy crafting during my free time and being able to create things for people's enjoyment. I also am a fellow K-POP lover (SHINee is my ot5). 

What makes a drama stand out to me?

1) C
inematography - this is one of the biggest reasons for me to watch a drama! If it doesn't capture my eyes, I probably won't watch it (however I am not picky).

2) Music - this is also another biggie for me. A drama must have good music for me to enjoy. Without it, it just wouldn't bring out the whole experience.

3) Plot - if the plot is no good to me, I won't watch it. I enjoy a good story line, because it's a way for me to escape my boring life!

4) Characters - what makes a good drama are the characters! The more relatable they are, the better! I enjoy seeing characters able to develop and become a better person throughout the drama.

If you have any good drama recommendations, please feel free to let me know! I am always on the lookout for any good dramas. ^_^

I have no particular favorite genres. If I enjoy it, I watch it, simple as that. So don't feel afraid to mention anything that is out there.


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