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My name is Debora and I'm an Italian girl who love doramas and movies. 
I started my 'carreer' watching a few J-Doramas and eventually discovering Korean ones, falling in love with them.

Now it's been a while since I watched tons of doramas like I was used to do a few months ago, sadly. ( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ _ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ ) I recently came back to Doramaland though, starting all over again with my first love: Japanese doramas. 

When it comes to stories, I don't like too much romantic ones, but I love revenge stories, medical dramas and melodramas as well with historical ones. You can basically say that I like most of genres but not romance stories, even if it can actually happens that I watch a few of them.

Feel free to send me a friend request or just a message to chat a bit. I love meet new people! (*^_^*)


I don't have a particular way to rate what I watch. Simply put I just feel that it should be that way. If you understand what I mean. xD I'm good when it comes to write stuff, so it's more easy to me just post about what I watch, read or play (yeah, I like videogames too) on my blogs.
If you understand Italian, please visit my main blog. (Don't worry, it has Google Translate widget on it, if you still want to check it out.)
If instead you understand English and like to read books or you just want to see with your own eyes an experiment by someone who is far from being fluent but just want to try to write stuff in other languages (me), then check this blog.


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