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Anarchist from Colony korean movie review
Anarchist from Colony
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by PrashastSingh
Mar 18, 2018
Overall 9.0
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 5.0
Rewatch Value 7.0
South Korean filmmakers are known for their excellence in portrayal of realistic content. Thus their films are easy to understand and connect to. Over the past few years, their growing excellence has also contributed to the growth in the expectations from them. I had similar expectations when I was watching Lee Je-hoon's recent release PARK YEOL aka ANARCHIST FROM COLONY. I was left speechless by the end of the film. It was a story that was told so skilfully that I ended up enjoying & liking it fully to the core.

PARK YEOL is an unexpectedly very entertaining film which never loses its focus. The screenplay is watertight and the editing, razor sharp. There aren't any dull moments or unnecessary sequences to deviate the film from telling the story. It manages to engage the viewer with its beautiful visuals, well-handled cinematography, brilliant action scenes, terrific & clapworthy dialogues, and above all, the extraordinary direction & execution.

Lee Je-hoon breathes and lives the role of Park Yeol. He's stunning in his part and the sequences involving him are simply the best part of the film. Another major credit to the actress who paired with Lee, giving the most remarkable performance in the film after him. Other actors manage to hold the attention with their solid performances.

Without wasting even a single second, director Lee Joon-ik connects us to the leading characters, especially Park Yeol and this is his biggest success. The film's pace is another major plus point as it never pulls you into boredom. The film's BGM enhances the viewing experience from time to time. The climax, however could've been handled a little better as it might seem a little abrupt, but it's absolutely fine since the way it's covered further is commendable.

PARK YEOL is a film which isn't merely a film. It's a phenomenon which doesn't usually happen in case of most filmmakers. It's perhaps the best biopic ever, and you'll find my words true once you watch it soon.
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