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A queer writer in search of good queer content

          Jem                          |                        she/her                            |                     22                        |              asexual & panromantic

When my sister got into kpop, I discovered kdramas (and thus Asian dramas) and fell hard for a time. Soon after I got into kpop and it became my focus. Then I discovered I was queer and found Asia actually has a lot of content (certainly a lot more HAPPY queer content than the West), and here we are really! I used to be obsessed with kdramas and kpop, but now I procrastinate even from watching the shows I like and can barely keep up with one group, go figure.

I'm a shy bean but I'd love to make friends, so please do message me! Beware I may take a while to reply though (I go through phases of checking this everyday and other times not for weeks).

I mainly watch queer stuff, avoiding sad endings at all costs after too many heartbreaks. Straight shows do pull me in sometimes, if the writing is good enough (see my opening line!) I love strong characters and relationships, in many ways they're more important than the plot. If a story has heart, I'll fall for it. I have lists with my favourite shows but I'm self-conscious so you'll only get to see them if you add me xD

Looking for: queer romance, happy endings, strong female characters in kdramas, consent, non-romance-related-tension-creators (like in Healer, the tension is the crime stuff, the romance is a typical build-up but once they're together, they're happy), bromance, strong family relationships, queer couples with kids (so rare yet so beautiful), queer engagements/weddings (ohmygosh my weakness yet again so rare)

Avoid at all costs: rape, incest, pedophilia (this should be obvious though right?) unnecessary sad endings, queer character death, cheating (this is less of a deal-breaker, it depends really? But prefer not), graphic violence, graphic gore, graphic sex scenes (frontal nudity), horror

Now for some gifs because I love aesthetic queer stuff:

(Sorry it ended up being mostly non-canon, Korean ships, it wasn't intentional!)


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