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Eagles and Youngster chinese drama review
Eagles and Youngster
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by Kumaxell
Oct 19, 2018
40 of 40 episodes seen
Overall 9.0
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 9.5
Music 8.5
Rewatch Value 9.0
The plot is simple enough: A cheeky smart guy from the city and a pair of unworldly siblings from the rural village help a team of government researchers be a step ahead of bad people who would stop at nothing to steal the national treasure.

The chemistry between Zhang Baoqing and Cai Gua is awesome. I love how Cai Gua manages to show her awe for Baoqing’s scientific knowledge or her attraction for his chivalry while being incredibly annoyed by his sense of superiority. Every time I saw that look on her face, I was like, “I give you permission to smack him down with your longbow.” Good thing Baoqing redeems himself in the second half of the drama. He stops being a condescending big city jerk as he learns to respect her and her hunting skills after their many adventures together where they have to save each other’s life. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside to see him being protective of her. Puppy love is the best.

But the most enjoyable part of the drama is watching the research team (with the assistance of Baoqing, Cai Gua, and Er Bi Zi) separate facts from fiction regarding a legend of a gold mine guarding demon. The drama captivated my attention as the team overcomes village taboos, deadly creature attacks, bad guy sabotage to get to the bottom of the legend. The stunningly beautiful snow covered landscape only make their adventures all the more mystical.

Things to watch for: Solid performance from the young cast. Beautiful cinematography. Villagers’ winter outfits. Family love. Satisfying conclusion to their adventure, until a sudden twist at the end leaving you desperately begging for a 2nd season.
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