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UwU! Kpop, dramas, anime, tv shows, YouTube I love it all. 

I watch a ton of things. I hope whoever is looking at my profile likes it! Thanks. 

I would like to add that I play many games whether it is on console ,mobile, or desktop. I Can Speak a little Japanese, Korean, and a tiny bit of Chinese. I can't read in Japanese or Chinese, But I can read a little Korean. I'm most fluent in English. It's my native language. I know basic words in Spanish as it is my culture. I wish I knew native American language but I don't. I'm about 25% Native American, and 50% Mexican. The rest is unknown. If we could be friends I enjoy that! Forgive my national Jimin anthem, I really like it. I have knowledge of anime. AKA as a WEEB(otaku). I like many kpop groups. I have a lot of interests. BTW I'm a Fujoshi. Basically I like BL which is two men loving each other beautifully. Forgive this long paragraph. There's so much to say. I don't talk well in person though.  Plus this really where I go to share my interests anyway! UwU

What I look for: Genre wise: Romance, Comedy, Action, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Wuxia.       

What I love: Tag wise: Gay, Girl dress as male, rich male lead, time travel, etc.

I don't rate any show I watch most of the time.

Here are some of the actors I like:  Lee Joon-Gi, Lee Dong-Wook, Kim Taehyung(V), Chonlathorn Kongyingyongand more.  

Don't hesitate to be my friend. (I may not talk to you much but that's all) 

I'm ARMY ;)



FYI: I'm a  Gemini.

Well thanks for reading all this nonsense if you got this far. I try to watch what interests me. But sometimes I'm to busy. (I'm still in school). I'm working on my art skills so I can create a webtoon! If I do create one I'll post about it on my feed maybe. 

I created the name Ultimate Fluff because of my hair. It's quite fluffy.

Thank You for reading this far! (Or Scrolling).


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