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My Rating Scale:

Perfect (10) - I will probably never give such a rating, unless it really deserves it.

Masterpiece (9) - Only the work I deem the best would fit this category. 

Outstanding (8) - When good is an understatement.

Good (7) - A show that has everything and is almost flawless, but can't quite reach the next step.

Enjoyable (6) - With its flaws and lack of quality, it is still overall entertaining.

Average (5) - Not good, not bad. Could be improved a lot, but is not a bad experience neither.

Unsatisfying (4) - A show that, although not quite appalling, leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Boring (3) - Probably need to force myself to finish it.

Terrible (2) - Not only is it unpleasant to watch it, it is so badly made that I will probably not finish it

Failure (1) - Shall a show never reach this level.


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