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Another Miss Oh
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by Zoe
Oct 12, 2017
Overall 8.0
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 5.5
Rewatch Value 6.5
“I can’t find a single way to say to her.”
“ ‘I love you’.  Wouldn’t that be enough?”
“That’s for flattery. That’s just to calm her down.”
“Why do you always interpret that phrase like that?”
“That phrase just doesn’t fit this situation.”
“The phrase ‘I love you’ is always the right thing to say.”

I wasn’t sure if I would get this drama. The slow story telling, the basket of crazy but boring characters. And then by Episode 7 I GOT IT. There’s something really different about this show. I like how they make you tired of the constant OHY mix ups and then they make fun of the premise with their own clueless characters.
I never get bored with the “you treat us so bad and we hate you most of the time, but when you’re hurting we’ve got your back” cliché.
I really loved how they looked at step-sibling relationships. They are so harsh with each other, but fiercely loyal and there’s that dynamic of adult siblings house-sharing.

“I was going to fabulously have a go at you and leave.”
 “Just come at me. Then leave.”

One of the things that stood out to me is that dramas often portray the concept of, “we don’t really know why we like each other we just do”. And this show consistently shows that it’s strange and stupid, but I can see that they like each other to the extent that they really make each other happy. I kept asking these characters, “Why on earth are you attracted to each other?!”  But the point is they are convincingly in love despite all the “buts”. Seriously, so many times I’m like, “You guys are so dumb...but I’m glad you’re all smiley”
With the start of this show, the logic of everyone is really weird relationally. The pacing of the show is much slower especially after I just finished a university drama.
I didn’t have much love for the characters in the show. They don’t have very appealing personalities. Our heroine gets drunk, glares at people and is generally out of control. The hero is just quiet and isolated. It took till episode 3 before I could see the potential of the couple.
And this drama commits the great crime of way too repetitive and lengthy flashbacks.

Do Kyung

“You shouldn’t control people with fear, Do Kyung.”

I’ve never found Eric Mun attractive. Usually, if I don’t like a hero’s face at the start, I’ll like it at the end, but this is my second drama with this actor, and I still think he’s ugly. Sorry! To top it off, the drama takes a long while for us to get to know him. Usually even if a hero is gruff to his heroine, we’ll get some good scenes when he interacts with others. But not Do Kyung. Showing affection to no one – not his friend, his brother or his mother or sister. That being said, sometimes his personality comes out when Hae Young is around and I started to see the beauty that is his character. I really appreciated how his character sometimes really embarrasses himself or does silly things and it’s just gold.
The idea of being a sound director is really interesting. I like that Do Kyung is so aware of his auditory environment.

“Insert the sound of sunlight coming in.”

Hae Young – female lead
I kind of like Hae Young’s glasses look. Hae Young is chatty, which is obviously necessary to fill in the fact that Do Kyung doesn’t say anything half the time. But she also points out her observations of Do Kyung’s nature and personality, which surprised both Do Kyung and me.  

I like that despite her being one of the worst heroines ever, when she decides to be hard-assed she goes all the way and stops with the crying.

“If you like me 89 on the scale, not 100 then tell me so. I will like for the same amount.”

The actress for the female lead is actually really good. Despite me disliking her character I really came to appreciate the actress ability to make her lines come alive, and be full of emotion. The way she talked drew me in, her acting made me care about a stupid and idiotic character.

Hae Young’s mother is fierce and loyal to her daughter. Actually Hae Young’s parents probably gave me the most laughs and I loved how they were so sensitive and thoughtful. They really seemed very in tune with Hae Young.

“Of course. My daughter is wonderful.”

I really like the way Hae Young is also wanting to tell them everything and allow them to comfort her. I also like how Hae Young’s dad looks to his wife so he can be in sync with her or be prepared to stop her.

Soo Kyung
This actress gets some weird roles. And I didn’t want to like her, but as it went on, I kind of did. I like that her love interest is ridiculous but also really quite weighty. I really love what a cold and miserable character they make her. I actually really felt for her. And I love how multi-faceted she was and how you think she’s going to be a stereotype but she becomes an interesting and well-rounded character with a good amount of warmth for family.

Other Hae Young
I really appreciate that we got to know the other Hae Young. I like the way they explain her. The drama makes a good show of showing how the “pretty Hae Young” is jealous of plenty of things about Hae Young’s life. And how the pretty Hae Young lacks the things she wants.

Jin Sang
“You used to beat the crap out of me for petty things.”
Kim Ji Seok is a really decent actor. I’ve seen so many transformations of him and he always delivers his character so on point, it’s impressive.

Somehow I came to love the side characters when I didn’t think I’d ever pick up a pom pom and cheer for any of them. I became interested in what they were up to and their stories. I even really liked OHY’s office friends.
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