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Jade Dynasty 1 chinese drama review
Jade Dynasty 1
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by bibi-bibi
Sep 16, 2019
Completed 1
Overall 10
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 10.0
This review may contain spoilers

First off, not a fan of the story or novel. Guy likes Junior sister, she loves another guy. The girl likes him dies, on his journey to revive her he falls for another woman. Sounds like a mess to me every time. But this movie far exceeds my expectation. It is still very CGI heavy, but the amount of action scenes done by real human are satisfying enough.

All the acting in here surpass the drama many times.

The cinematography is superb, I watched it in low quality, and it is still so breath taking. Some places are real and so beautiful.

Despite it being Xianxia, the fightings are very wuxia. You see Xiao Zhan slides to the ground and skillfully twirls his stick. Li Qin and Tang Yixin swirl and block each other’s swords at fast pace and full strength. Everyone uses lots of energy when they fight, not like Xianxia where they people swing arms with 0 muscle. They didn’t use close-up scenes, so the actors never had the chance to buy time and do some easy moves. The fightings are always very intricate.

The ribbons around Tang Yixin are so beautiful! Her clothes are so heavy looking so -1 point for that. Still love the ribbons though. The red one in the drama was pretty too. Her acting is good in both the drama and movie version.

Xiao Zhan did better as Xiao Fan in my opinion. Li Yifeng’s portrayal was too focused on looking dumb. Li Yifeng’s appearance is very tidy and neat looking like everyone else, it’s hard to distinguish him. Xiao Zhan wearing rags make it look convincing that he works hard everyday and dirties himself, that differentiates him from others. Xiao Zhan acting is very natural, he doesn’t try to make his face look dumb, but he would act certain way to show it. For example, he would walk a bit clumsy to show his character's personality. I think he look so different in here that I almost couldn’t tell if he’s still Xiao Zhan from Untamed.

I used to think Yang Zi did a great Xueqi. Compare to Li Qin now, Yang Zi is only pretty but lacking beauty. Li Qin is the beauty. I dislike cold characters because they are stiff and boring. In Yang Zi’s interpretation, she showed an emotion of 0. It only looked like somebody who isn’t allowed to stretch her mouth at all. Li Qin handled it better because although she is cold, she can still have character and temperament. She’s very human, it’s not like a lifeless robot. It’s more convincing and more like a human. It makes her coldness very attracting. When you see her, you know she’s the beauty you won’t be able to acquire. When her nose bleed, it reminds me of Stranger Things. But every time she appears, there is a very powerful aura in her. Her poses are beautiful and peerless like a true wuxia heroine.

Meng Meiqi’s expressions are very natural. Her hair is so stupid but it actually didn’t happen to annoy and bother me because of how active she is. Her role isn’t about standing still for you to observe her beauty. She’s always moving around. She gets so much flake even before the drama aired. She is pretty in her own way. She doesn’t fit the description of looking cute, but her acting does make up for it.
Her expressions are fast but still clear enough for you to comprehend, so she comes off very professional and convincing. I thought she would do those close-up scenes and make cute ducky faces on camera in slow motion to prove how cute she can look for her cute character. But it’s nothing like that. She only showed her character through fast action and acting. Everybody hates that kissing scene because the person she’s kissing is…Xiao Zhan, and she dares to go inside his mouth! XP Got to admit I won’t say it was cute or good. It's not even necessary, they shouldn't have done it. But it is not as bad as how fangirls are crying about it too. They all wish Meng Meiqi would just die as soon as possible because of how ugly they think she is. I got to say I love how fast she died at the end, compared to Zanilia using 10 minutes to fall from the height of a tall building. No gravity in Xianxia? I'm fine with 2 minutes at most but that scene was really too much.
I think Zanilia should have never played Biyao but Xueqi. Because her name was so big, her fans didn't want her to be a supporter role so the director had to change her role into the main role, shift all the screentime to her, and mess up the whole drama. If she just play Xueqi in the first place she would be the main lead and get all the scenes. That would've solved everything. The drama would not have been so draggy, it would have an original storyline, and also have a better conclusion. Both the drama and movie does have the same conclusion. But my point is, this movie only used 1 hour and they was able to portray everything the drama did for 50+ episodes. The movie is short so this closure is very appropriate. For the drama, I expected a proper closure because something that is over 50 hours, when I reached the end the ending was so meaningless.

The romance is very subtle in this movie, I don’ t mind that. I feel that was how the drama was like too, there wasn't any romance at all besides Biyao wanting to be with Xiao Fan and I think 10 minutes could've done that job.

The only bad thing I can find in this movie is, I cannot feel that these characters are in love and over the moon about each other. Like I said, I don’t like the story. I don’t feel a bunch of emotions from watching this show. The best part is the acting, choreography, cinematography, and CGI.
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