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Charee | 19 | hopeless romantic ♡

Hi hello! I grew up watching Filipino teleseryes but, after binge-watching Meteor Garden 2018 one weekend, I fell in love and that's how my love for all dramas began. :')  Feel free to recommend me whatever!  My favorite genre is romantic comedy dramas with emotional moments, character developments, love-hate relationship between the main leads, and happily ever afters on the side, but I'm open to pretty much anything. :)

Likes ♥: music (mainly K-pop atm), Asian dramas, anime, Marvel movies, romance books, rainy weather, playing my guitar, little kids, dogs

Dislikes ✘: rude/ignorant/selfish (you get the gist) people, fan wars, mornings

My top three favorite dramas

1) Meteor Garden 2018

2) Descendants of the Sun

3) Healer

I won't be rating dramas but, if you're curious about my other favorites, you can check out my list here! I'll be updating it any time I finish a drama I had absolutely loved and adored but, because I tend to get pleased easily, just know that I either loved or liked everything on my completed list (if not, it would be in my dropped list but that's a rare case).

Feel free to message me anytime! I'm always happy to chat with anyone who has similar interests as me and, even if we don't, talk to me anyways! Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you have a lovely day/night. ♡


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