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Hello! Welcome to my profile! Just another drama lover who entered drama land on February 2019 and hasn’t looked back since.

 My drama history + favorite genres/tropes 

I grew up watching Filipino teleseryes and movies but, after binge watching Meteor Garden 2018 one weekend, I fell in love and that's how my love for all dramas began. :') My favorite genres and tropes include rom-com, melodrama, BL, friendship, school, enemies/friends to lovers, angst mixed with fluff, pretend relationship, and cohabitation, but I’m open to anything so feel free to give me some recs! ☺

The two dramas I always rewatch over and over and still never get tired of 



 My rating style 

My ratings are very subjective because I often care more about the romance + how the drama made me feel overall rather than plot holes, pacing, the plot, or anything like that. Also please don't trust my ratings because I tend to get pleased pretty easily, haha. (:

**I won’t be rating Filipino teleseryes I grew up watching because it wouldn’t really be accurate if I hadn’t watched it in a while but I’ll have it on my completed list. I’ll only rate the ones I remember truly loving + Filipino movies!**

Feel free to message me anytime! I'm always happy to chat with anyone! Thank you for stopping by; I hope you have a lovely day/night. ♡

here's my favorite person who never fails to make me smile or laugh 24/7 <3

(oh yeah, i'm also a huge k-pop fan. very multifandom. aside from that, books and anime have my heart!)

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