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I have somewhat consistently watched dramas since 2008. I usually avoid romcoms and fluff. I used to watch for completion but gave up, if something isn't entertaining I don't hesitate to drop it. I never skip or fast forward any scenes, if it's that boring I might as well drop it. My completed list is missing a lot of movies.

Favorite genres: crime, historical, medical, law, slice of life
Drama priority: Korean > Chinese > Japanese / Taiwanese

Dropped: Don't take my dropped list too seriously, I have dropped some good stuff due to the circumstances at the time of watching. I intend to pick it back up or restart it later on, whenever that may be.

Rating system

1. Horrible. It probably took a long time to watch the episodes I watched. I hate myself for watching it and I want the power to un-watch.

2. Terrible. I was bored from start to finish. Very likely had terrible story or annoying characters. 

3. Bad. I don't know what else to say. Our taste in dramas are probably the opposite if you like any of these.

4. Meh. I should have dropped this and spent the time watching something else but I've seen worse.

5. Average. Not good, not bad. I didn’t drop it but if I knew how it would be ahead of time I wouldn’t have started.

6. Okay, decently entertaining. It has its problems but I watched it, didn't mind it and moved on.

7. Good. I had my fun and consider it worthwhile to watch even though it's nothing special. This is what I expect any drama to achieve. It was fun.

8. Very good, recommended. I throughout had a good time watching this. I liked it a lot.

9. Great, recommended. I’m dumbfolded by how good this was and yet it feels like it’s missing a tiny piece to say it’s fantastic.

10. Fantastic, recommended. I’m in awe. I feel the need to thank the crew behind it for making this possible.

I'm still in the process of scoring titles. Watched but missing from database: 한식대첩 Korean Food War S1-3, Masterchef Korea S3-4, Masterchef Korea Celebrity, 재난영화 Dear Catastrophe. I will add them myself whenever I find time for it and care enough.


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