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I have somewhat consistently watched dramas since 2008. I used to watch for completion but not anymore. I never skip or fast forward any scenes, if it's that boring I might as well drop it.

Historical, crime, business, law, medical, action, political, slice of life. Korean and Chinese titles.

Rom-com, comedy, fluff, school, supernatural, fantasy, music, certain actors.
1–3. Bad and worse than bad.
4. Poor. Certain aspects of it may be alright but others are decidedly below average.
5. Neither good nor bad.
6. Enjoyable for the most part but it could have been better.
7. Good. The standard rating for a drama I enjoyed.
8. Very good. Solid and likely to be in my recommendations.
9–10. Top-notch. Anything with a nine or above I consider to be one of my favorite dramas.


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