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Long Time No See
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by freshmilk

12 days ago
5 of 5 episodes seen
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Overall 6.0
Story 5.0
Acting/Cast 6.0
Music 6.0
Rewatch Value 7.0
Surprisingly, I was not that excited nor intrigued when I watched this drama. I found out why, as soon as I completed the last episode. It turns out that it is because every detail that was written in this drama was those of a typical BL
'crime' fanfiction. Therefore, I was not surprised at every twist that the story revealed, and if you have not watched this drama yet, you probably can guess the whole plot already.

The only aspect of this drama that I like is the fact that it shows that people from the LGBT community can live a happy life, or at least, have a happy ending. The reason why I am happy about this is that currently in the Asian movie and drama schemes, most of the relationships built between two queer characters do not end up well. Most of them are tragic. The ending scene teared me up, it was more than beautiful.

The actor who played Chisoo did a very great job. He impressed me as there was a moment when the character cried and I cried as well because I could feel how painful it was for the character just by looking at the character's eyes. However, the acting of other characters sometimes broke the mood. The villain's acting to me was the worst. Although his character was probably written to be someone who is able to brainwash people's mind, the actor did not do well to the point that I was convinced with his words. Instead, I cringed sometimes whenever he spoke.

There is one line that I love from the drama. Which is when the main character, Chisoo, told the person who dehumanise him for his sexuality and life choices that "I am a human too." It was a heartbreaking and a happy moment at the same time. This drama worth the watch.
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