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Hiyah, I love drama's, movies & music <3

How did this all start for me?

I loved drama's, movies and music since I was young but the Japanese/Korean/Chinese part came later! 

It started back in 2013 when a friend in school said to me do you know this anime? I was like ... uhm ... anime? what is that? He said come I'll show you and showed me a little piece of the first episode and told me a little bit about it! The next day I started watching it and since then I've always watched anime ^^

After a while I was starting to get into japanese music because I liked the intro songs to anime so much. 

So after listening to that I came across a song that sounded different and I soon realised it was not japanese but korean! That is how I was introduced to korean music and wow what am I a huge fan ^^

One day I was searching on Netflix for a good movie or show to watch when I suddenly came across these 2 short korean drama's called: "My Runway & One More Time" and after watching those a lot more followed including some japanese & chinese ones too, like: "Good Morning Call & The Stolen Years" ^^

My favorite so far is the one in the gif above, called: "Manhole" <3

That is how it started for me and I still love everything mentioned above :)

Feel free to add me ^^


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