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I believe that the best kinds of dramas are those that manage to make us feel genuine emotions for all the right reasons, introduce us to characters that we cannot soon forget, and allow these characters to be relatable, imperfect humans capable of learning and growing from their past and present mistakes - or if not, then be accordingly punished in the future.

Nothing annoys me more than the redemption of evil only for the sake of. redeeming evil. I hate half-baked attempts to inspire sympathy for a character who has clearly not earned it. Sometimes, this could ruin an entire series for me. :(

While I can tolerate black-and-white views of the good vs. evil dynamics, there's nothing that awes me more than shades of gray done right. I like equal views of the opposing characters' intentions. I like heroes and heroines who allow themselves to be angry and vindictive instead of the saintly stereotypes who would gladly turn the other cheek.

I like villainous characters that actually think before launching a scheme. I like evil that gets smarter and eviler in time, or is otherwise gradually enlightened into changing their ways for the better. I like a drama that makes an effort to put me on the same page as its characters and allows me to understand where they are coming from and where it is they intend to go.

I don't mind love-related rivalries and violent cat fights, per se. I just don't like them happening over and over with neither of the characters reflecting on their actions. As hard as it may be to imagine, girls can actually be mature enough to talk through their differences. We don't always resort to pulling at each other's hair every chance we get. xp

Most importantly, I like dramas that reflect real life, populated by real people reacting in real ways, and who each have very real lessons and perspectives to share.♥

Some series, I watch just to laugh my head off. I definitely wouldn't say no to re-watching an old sitcom or two. ^^


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