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I love fantasy books & Netflix. Writer for The Rockle.


My favorite dramas are the ones I enjoyed the most, simple as that. Sure, not all of them are masterpieces, but I don't mind closing an eye to the flaws because I love the bigger picture. Some of them fit in a guilty pleasure category, but what matters for me is that they all have a story I was emotionally invested to, characters I cared about, and they pulled my heartstrings just the way they were supposed to. 


How I Discovered K-Dramas
I stumbled upon The Heirs. It was my first drama, and everything about it was a hysterical mess, but I just couldn't stop watching, I was hooked. Maybe because it was unintentionally hilarious, overdramatic and unironically cheesy, but mostly because after watching so much American shows & movies, it was obvious to me that I was onto something different and it opened a whole new world for me. So, I took it for what it is and actually had a blast watching it, laughing my ass of at the stupid characters, pathetic dialogue and pointless scenes.
How I Fell in Love with K-Dramas
In all seriousness, I knew that there's NO WAY that the trainwreck that was The Heirs was the best that Dramaland has to offer. The increasing bleakness of American TV and The Heirs' cheesefest definitely sparked my curiosity, so I kept digging, and to keep a long story short, decided to give The Master's Sun a try. And then the magic happened - I don't think I've ever had such genuinely good time watching a tv show and, unlike The Heirs, it HIT ME RIGHT IN THE FEELS.  And that was more than enough for me to overlook it's silliness; it was just captivating and strangely addictive, pure escapist entertainment, and it actually kickstarted my k-drama addiction. So, I guess the way that k-dramas use music, cinematography, acting & everything else to create a certain mood, and make us feel everything that characters feel, obviously worked for me. I was on a quest to find the next drama to be my subtitled happy place.
Favorite Genre
Don't really have one. I guess I'll give everything a try as long as it's not old/outdated. But I'm quick to drop a drama if I'm not feeling it. Life's too short to watch boring shit. Give me a good story, laugh-out-loud hilarity, action, men with guns and man tears, badass ladies, twists & turns, killer soundtrack, love and shenanigans, rainbows and unicorns, anything. Just get me to care.


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