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Wednesday 3:30 PM
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by Potatas

Jul 2, 2017
15 of 15 episodes seen
Completed 1
Overall 9.5
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 9.5
Rewatch Value 9.5
Get ready to be swooned! If you're looking for a light and cutesy drama, then this one is for you! It is a short but oh so packed with cuteness and OH MY GOSH scenes. The main leads in my opinion, have great chemistry! The main guy, Jae Won, is your ideal boyfriend; caring, sweet, cute (haha in all ways,mind you he loves his bear slippers and bear apron) and all other good stuff. There was no episode where I did not squeal, well probably there was err when that shameless ex of hers is on the screen. But anyhow, I highly recommend this drama to my fellow viewers who's looking for a romance fill in, as this definitely did the job for me. I hope that my future man will do that kind of dating course for me!!! Overall, I give this drama an A- ;as the acting was good, story is not so out of the ordinary but I liked the concept of the whole Wednesday 3:30 pm project, casts were good (cute chemistry between the leads), phasing of the drama was perfect and last but not the least, this drama had cute OST too
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