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Face Off chinese drama review
Face Off
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by krisbias98

Sep 26, 2018
42 of 42 episodes seen
Face Off chinese drama review
Overall 3.5
Story 5.0
Acting/Cast 5.0
Music 5.0
Rewatch Value 2.0
This review may contain spoilers
I cannot even comprehend right now, like my emotions are everywhere I can't even, like I just can't. I decided to watch this drama after seeing the scene of WY pretending to be ZC boyfriend and honestly it was sooooooo friggen cute that fireworks was exploding (maybe not to that extent) but it was cute.

The drama started of so well, all the characters had their own goals and you can kind of see in which direction the drama was heading into. As it got half way it just went downhill like everything that happened just seemed to annoy me. The little and most stupidest things that you can avoids happen and you're just like are you serious like everything that happened in the second half just made me mad and angry and I was like so close to dropping it but I had faith lmao. The fact that YY ended up marrying the "warm kindhearted" WX and he ends up being the same dictator as their dad and abuses YY just annoyed me so much. Like if yalls going to make scenes of YY trying to argue with WX can you guys at least make it realistic and use some language that will satisfy us viewers so we can empathise with the victim. Like I empathised with YY but the fact that when she fights with WX and she stills ends up being the victim annoyed me so much that there was really no point of putting the scenes in if she wasn't going to win the fight. All I can say is that I only lived for the WY and ZC scenes, but sometimes there fights are pointless too. Also, the last episode was soooooooooooooo rushed that it doesn't even make sense, like how did WY and ZC know where WX was going to meet the guy? Like I did not remember seeing any communication or whatsoever between the brothers unless I skipped too much lmao. Plus WY and ZC didn't even make up from their breakup like how can yous just make them understand each other from a misunderstanding from the previous episode but oh well.

Their acting is decent. Like there are some that could be done better but ohwell. & the cast; at first I honestly thought the real casts that plays WY & WX were real brothers, like they had similar features that I had to check it so many times. lmao

lmao, I wasn't into the music this time.

Rewatch Value:
yeh nah. I can't.

It was okay, could be better but what can you do.

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