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I'm an 18 years old female. Basically started as a casual kpop fan  a couple of years ago. After a while I met this girl in my class that liked kpop too, she was a major asian drama lover and she's pretty much the reason I started watching the dramas too. and what can I say? I fell in love. (Before meeting her I only watched a few japanese live actions)  My first korean drama was Personal Taste, which really got me into Korean dramas, and Asian dramas in general.

My favorite kpop groups are BTS, Block B, EXO, and Nu'est, of course I like many more but they're the first to come to mind when people ask me that.  

Besides being a fan of Asian drama and music,I also enjoy watching anime, reading manga and playing video games. Which is literally all I do.  

Thanks for visiting! 

Hope you have a nice day and feel free to drop a message anytime c:



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