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on the wrong ship


on the wrong ship
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Oct 12, 2017
Overall 7.5
Story 6.5
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 6.5
I bet 70% of us stayed for Song Ji Won x Im Sung Min or Jo Eun x Jang Hoon. Actually, make that 80% of us...

I have very mixed feelings about this drama. I absolutely adored the first season because of the realistic characters and excellent plot development, but this second season just felt so… bland?

*evil laugh* Let’s start with the ‘negative’ stuff. Firstly, I didn’t like how Chef didn’t return as part of the main cast. He and Yoon sunbae were my fav couple from the first season, so I was really disappointed :’( Secondly, the actress for Eun Jae changed. I get how they were trying to make it work, but the new actress was trying too hard to act like the original actress. It would have been a lot more natural (and interesting) if they had just written a new character for the actress (also, I don’t get why writer-nim made Eun Jae chase after her ex-boyfriend for more than half of this drama). Thirdly, Heimdall. Need I say more? This character was a complete waste of my time. Every time he appeared on the screen, I would start skipping. I think his storyline was meant to be emotional, but I didn’t feel a thing. Because of him, I felt Yoon sunbae’s storyline was boring.

Now onto the better things. My OTP (Ji Won and Sung Min) had amazing chemistry. Their scenes made me laugh and cry, but I was expecting.… more from them. If there is a third season, it better focus on the relationship between Song sunbae and Sung Min (or else I’m gonna riot). I also liked the character development we saw in Ye Eun; at the start of this season, she was timid and weak, but she grew stronger and more confident.

Overall, this is a nice slice of life drama that focuses on realistic problems, but it has a couple unnecessary side storylines and plot holes. From my perspective, although this drama started strong, the second half was weak, so the positives and negatives are balanced, making this an average drama. Song Ji Won and Im Sung Min made me stick with it, but if you enjoyed the first season, don’t expect much development from this second season.

The final verdict: nice slice of life kdrama, but didn’t live up to the hype (in my opinion). Still worth a try!

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