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My Drop List isn't dropped dramas. I just hate seeing my Currently Watching and On Hold lists cluttered especially when dramas don't get subbed quickly.

Not Interested List is just mostly dramas I need to finish or are on hold due to circumstances.

These are listed in no particular order:

Favorite K-Dramas:

  1. Extraordinary You
  2. Goblin
  3. Lovely Runner
  4. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
  5. While You Were Sleeping
  6. Just Between Lovers
  7. Doom at Your Service
  8. It's Okay to Not Be Okay
  9. Chicago Typewriter
  10. My Lovely Boxer
  11. The One and Only
  12. Doctor Cha
  13. My Mister
  14. Mad Dog
  15. Descendants of the Sun
  16. Hotel Del Luna
  17. Tunnel
  18. Alchemy of Souls Part 1
  19. My Name
  20. The Uncanny Counter Season 1

Favorite C-Dramas:

  1. The Untamed
  2. A Journey to Love
  3. Who Rules the World
  4. Crush
  5. Gen Z
  6. Justice in the Dark (It's a shame that they canceled it)
  7. The Long Ballad 
  8. The Legendary Life of Queen Lau
  9. Who Rules the World
  10. The Blood of Youth
  11. Live Surgery Room
  12. Wonderland of Love
  13. Love O2O
  14. The Legend of Shen Li
  15. Love Like the Galaxy

My current obsessions are:

Liu Yuning <3333

Wang Yibo <3333

Liu Xue Yi <333

Zhang Ling He <333

Byeon Woo Seok <3333

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