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The Spring of My Life
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Nov 13, 2020
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First Love

My take on this story is this is a very possible teenage love and reactions. How you can be influenced by your circumstances and the company you keep, when her friend tells her of her relations, even though she was shocked initially, later she also feels its alright and what started as an infatuation turns into an obsessive passionate love, which she finds difficult to control. At one time when the boy tells her you are missing you classes and studies, she feels he is fed up and don't want to be with her and reaction was lets break up. He is also very young to make her understand to be more responsible about their studies etc.. These are typical teenage reactions, where your emotions can be uncontrollable and reasoning seldom works. I think this is really worth watching. The way each person takes life, ML, FL, their friends. It kept me thinking for a long time.. Life and people's reactions always fascinated me.

It was a pleasure watching Seven Tan and Leo Yunxi, both amazing actors, both looks so young, seriously looks like they are in school. Acting skill and emotional expressions are too good.

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