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Hi all! My name's Misha. I'm just a drama watcher who takes way too many hiatuses (I go through either binging all day everyday, to not watching at all).

My favorite types of things to watch are usually psychological, dark, twisted kind of stuff. Good examples include White Christmas, Pluto, Tinker Ticker. But I also enjoy equally watching things that are really funny (like overly exaggerated funny, I have a lame sense of humor) and have romantic relationships based on really good emotional support (like A Girl & Three Sweethearts). Good emotional support is my drama kink. I seek out my first kind of favorite the most, but it's hard to find exactly my specific wants T-T.

Even though those are my favorite things to watch, I will literally watch just about anything! I'm very open minded to dramas and very simple about them so I'm easily pleased by most that I watch.

My scoring system:

10MasterpieceCompletely satisfactory. Could have tiny flaws, never anything huge.
9GreatEnjoyed it almost to a 10, but had something that made me not think it's perfect or had something huge that pissed me off so much I couldn't give it a perfect score.
8Very GoodSuper great. Kept me interested; felt satisfied; but it was missing something. Needed a little more of something special to be higher but was on a higher level than most other dramas. (Usually when I rate things an 8 I have the mentality of "It was a 7 but better").
7GoodThis is like my average score. It was overall liked and enjoyed - nothing super special, or it had way too many flaws for me to rate it higher even if I enjoyed it a lot. 
6FineIt was OK. It had something that kept me interested and not bored, but nothing special. The kind of stuff I'd watch just to chill or fill time, not a drama/movie I'm serious about.
5AverageThis score is kind of weird for me. I either think it really wasn't special and it's just plain, or I didn't feel anything at all for it or I liked it 50% and hated it 50%
4BadWow why did I watch this crap. It had like 30% decent parts that I don't have a bad opinion on but damn.
3Very BadThis is bad, but like reaaally bad. It has like 15% parts that weren't even worth having an opinion on but this is just really bad all together. Just no.
2HorribleLiterally 1 thing was good about this. Only ONE thing. Maybe it was a character or the art. But that's it. 1/100. This is terrible. Not worth watching. No.
1AppallingWtf was this. No. Just- no. Delete yourself.
.5I wish you were a zero.

Horrible. Terrible. Appalling. I want some cosmic energy to delete the existence of whatever shit I rated this low. WHY does this exist. I hate this, and a part of my memory is ruined with the displeasure of watching this.

My rating system is really odd. Sometimes my ratings aren't as I've written. I've had shows that I've rated a 7 or even a 6 and absolutely loved because it had a good story concept or the characters or it just had something I loved so dearly but the drama itself was probably not well written all together or it had some kind of huge flaw. I also have things I've rated a 10 that I don't consider one of my all time favorite dramas. It's kind of weird how I rate things BUT for the most part I go by how the rating system is above. 

Foot note: .5's are always usually when I think something like: "This is more of an 8 but a little bit better than that but not quite a 9 so .5" and vice versa - "This was like a 4, but it's kind of worse than a 4 but not quite as bad as a 3 so it's a .5"


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