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I love stories that I can immerse myself in. I don't care what the language is, as long as they have a point. But then again maybe the beauty of creativity is madness and ill-structure (We do not mention the roller coaster that is 'The Heirs'.)

I started my kdrama watching in early 2015 with 'Kill Me, Heal Me', *cough * the heirs was tried after seeing the sbs paraody with taemin and naeun *cough* when all the hype was around Healer and I could never really get into it. Before this I was kinda prejudiced against it as I had never tried to watch something that was so different to my regular TV at home and I thought I'd hate it . Having said that, for about 4 months I had been slowly introducing myself to Korean Variety shows such as Strong Heart, Weekly Idol, Hello Baby and Family Outing. In 2017, having only watched 14 dramas or so I can't conclusively say what I enjoyed the most, but the most recent would probably be Hit the Top cause Yoon Shi Yoon <3

It was not be until 'The Princess Weiyoung' that I truly ventured into cdrama. My previous brush having been from the show Addicted/Heroin or whatever the name ended up being in the end. Nowadays I actually prefer cdramas, especially historical ones, because of the length and production value (usually, I mean tribes and empires you let me down, you let your family down, you let your cow down). Though initially the dubbing was strange phenomenon , I now find it strangely comforting.

And my introduction into Japanese dramas/movies started with live action remakes of anime's such as Rurouni Kenshin (Which is the best execution of an adaption from an anime I have ever seen. I give all the props to Takeru Satoh and Kamiki Ryunosuke for taking the time to learn how to fight properly. The slick nature of the movements is paramount.) I then decided to semi stalk all the Amuse actors and found Miura Haruma and Takeru Satoh collaborated in Bloody Monday. Personally I think it's an extremely good show. As I was also a fan of JE artists I watched gokusen 1,2,3 and the specials and though ridiculous, they are great.

Thai dramas are only something I have recently started stepping into with the U-Prince series and Bad Romance. With the recent Project S: Spike and Side to Side (I've yet to finish the other two) I have grown fond of them. Though I am now fond of the slap and kiss genre that frequents some series.

As a side note, I am a Shawol first and foremost, more so since recent events. And then with what is left of my heart I support almost all artists, but most especially Sm artists such as TVXQ (and JYJ) and Red Velvet, Pledis Fam ( Seventeen has my heart), Astro and I think I am in the process of adopting Stray Kids.


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