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Age of Youth 2
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Oct 12, 2017
Overall 7.0
Story 6.0
Acting/Cast 7.0
Music 9.5
Rewatch Value 4.5
To all the loyal fans of Age of Youth, this was a good ride.
To all the people who are wondering if this is a good watch, go watch Age of youth first.

I have been in love with Yoon Eun Jae and her character (may be because it reminded us of our awkward days) and that was the only part that disappointed me completely.

Genre : Slice of life, Sisterhood, rom-com, mystery

Story : Although i have had a negative impression till now, i will try to give out a non-biased review.

Our girls are back. Hurt, experienced, doubtful, stressed out and tired. The characters stayed the same except Kang Yi Na's. The story is framed a year later with a single mystery related to Song Ji Won as hinted in the last episode of Age of Youth. Jo Eun moves into the house as a new room mate and her story is beautiful. Choi Ah Ra is the latest addition to the house and the main theme is continued and the characters play their parts well. A lot of stereotypes are destroyed and a lot of taboos are touched just like the original story. What keeps you hooked to this show is the ingenuity in the stories and the emotional upheaval that everyone goes through at some point of their lives.

But the OTPs are missed desperately and you start feeling miserable trying to fish something out of it. (Yoon Jin Myung and Park Jae wan, Yoon Eun Jae and Yoon Jong Yeol forever) Song Ji Won and Im Sung Min are the only OTP left.

Acting : Before i start my rant, all i want to say is sometimes, its the fault of the actors.

Ji Woo : The only drama i have seen her in other than this was Star of the Universe, i was honestly upset by her acting. Yoon eun Jae was one of my favourite characters and she wrecked it beyond repair. I am pretty sure they might have tried really hard to cast someone as similar to Park Hye Soo but there were some points when she just got really annoying. To the point that there were times when i was seriously thinking if ii should give up on the show. From her laughter to her style of talking, you could clearly see the awkward way she was inexperienced in portraying an introvert. There were times she tried really hard but the character was completely destroyed all thanks to her.

Lee Yoo Jin : While Han Seung Yeon perfectly showed how a patient of anxiety, depression and self-denial acts, Lee Yoo Jin's acting was pathetic to the point you cannot taking him seriously. There is an inexperienced actor and the seriousness to his character and story that needs to be expressed is lost. I don't think the story or direction had any fault, only the actors were strangely inexperienced. What upset me was in both the cases, the bad portrayal of charcaters made them show normal things as mental extremities.

Park Eun Bin's character goes through a lot of changes and i think she was the only actress in the whole series who knew exactly how to bring out the different charms of her character. Song Ji Won does not dissappoint you. I haven't seen Choi Ah Ra's work before and i think this is her debut into acting and she is a delight to watch. I don't know if she was being herself or she really is a great actress but compared to others, she was absolutely flawless.

Will i Watch it again? I don't think so. I downloaded the first series but i dont think i will download this.
Will i recommend it to anyone? To everyone who wants a closure on the first series (though i would advice the fans of Yoon Eun Jae to stay away). First timers might feel a little clueless watching it.        
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