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Have Fun Season 1
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Feb 18, 2022
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Overall 10
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A must-watch

Just finished watching and there was never a boring episode, and I was constantly entertained!! Whoever decided to cast the main hosts deserves all the *chef's kiss* because they are absolutely hilarious together xD Not only do they explain scientific topics in a way that's easy to understand, but the way they go about experiments gives a fresh look on the world of research. Even the invited guests were amazing and cooperated super well with everything that was thrown at them.

After watching all the episodes I just had to go back and watch everything again, just to laugh with them again and again. It's rare that a show has me laughing no matter how many times that I re-watch, and this show just pulls at my heartstrings <33 Ren Jialun added the subtle humorous remarks that just gave a continuous ever-rippling humorous atmosphere, and the rest of the cast are just comfortable with each other and not afraid to tease and laugh together over ridiculous things. Arthur and Daxun are just a hilarious combo in general, and Ronghao was the seemingly mature yet relaxed and responsible figure that kept the script flowing. Jackson was a pleasure to watch, and filled with endless curiosity that had me admire his persistence and determination to further enhance his Chinese skills! I also love the little promotions throughout the show, especially the last episode where everyone showcases what they're capable of that had me subscribing to Jackson Wang in a heartbeat. So many kudos to the director, the production team, the cameramen, the volunteers, the sponsorship, and everyone involved in this project because it's super clear that a LOT of work went into producing this show, and whoever chose the background and interlude music between scenes, I want to hug them because they definitely chose all the right songs!

Overall, this show is at the top of my list, and if there's ever a S2 with all these wonderful people, it would certainly be a treasure!

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