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Missing Noir M
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by xXabsintheXx

Jul 9, 2017
10 of 10 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 9.0
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 7.0
So, here are my humble thoughts about this exceptional show. First of all, this is definitely one of the better crime investigation dramas out there and evidence that OCN can indeed produce great shows. I lost faith after Neighborhood Hero, but Missing Noir M was able to mend my shattered heart. The acting was thoroughly awesome. Not only the leads who had great chemistry in a non-romantic way but also every single guest actor/actress who played important roles in each case. They were able to make me excited to a point where I couldn't stop watching while at the same time I was worried that I'd finish this drama too fast. It's unfortunately only 10 episodes but I could have watched 10 more of it. The cast delivered their emotions and messages so well, that I'm still stunned when I think about it. Though I didn't really cry, they still moved me to tears so many times. This was about interpersonal relationships which were put to proof under extreme circumstances. It's about justice and injustice, and about trust and suspicion. What I loved so much here was how every case was built. Disclosing one secret always meant to find ~10 other secrets within that had to be solved in order to see the whole magnitude. Layer by layer and in the end the picture always looked completely different from what you had expected in the beginning. Though I must say that I didn't enjoy the last case as much as the earlier ones. Maybe it's because I prefer psychological mind games over corruption cases. I know what they wanted to tell their viewers with that last one, but I still think that it didn't really fit well between those other mind-blowing puzzles. It seemed rather short and rushed and failed to properly explain its own story. It felt plain compared to the other cases. There were also some loose ends, especially the reason why they even formed that special missing persons investigation team when they were so worried about opening Pandora's Box. It was quite well explained for the first case but for all the other ones, it remains a mystery to me. Background music was, as I already mentioned some days ago, exceptional. So damn well composed, balanced and in sync that it managed to liven up every important moment to its full potential. Rating 9/10 - Great ride and exciting watch ?
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